How To Protect Your Legal Rights After Being Injured At Work

How to protect your legal rights after being injured at work | HealthSoul

Workplace injuries are common but they can impact your life in many ways. When you are injured at work, you are entitled to get compensation benefits. Employers are required by state law to have workers’ compensation insurance to protect the workers. You can visit to learn more about the workers compensation law. The employer should also provide a reasonably safe environment, but the employees can still get injured. When you are hurt at work, there are different things you should do to make sure that your rights are protected. Read on to learn everything that you want to know about protecting your legal rights after being injured at work.

Report the Accident to Your Employer

The first thing that you should do right after the injury in your workplace is to report the accident to your immediate supervisor. Failure to report the accident can compromise your compensation claim. Even if the injury seems minor, it is vital to file an accident report to the responsible authorities. Your employer can dispute the credibility of your claim if you fail to report the injury on time.

Get Medical Treatment

When you get hurt in a workplace accident, you should seek medical treatment. Most employers have designated healthcare centers where they refer their employees for treatment when they need help. However, you have a legal right to visit a doctor of your choice if you are not satisfied with the service you get from the employer’s preferred healthcare provider. However, you need to inform your employer first about your decision, and you should also be ready to meet additional expenses.

If your physician clears you, you have the right to return to work, and your employer must not discriminate against you because of your injuries. Additionally, you have a legal right to get disability compensation if you cannot return to work as a result of temporary or permanent illness caused by the injury.

Seek Legal Advice

If you are injured at work, your employer has a responsibility to file a compensation claim on your behalf. Once you report the accident, you will get a form that you should complete, and your employer will forward it to the local workers’ compensation board for consideration. However, you have a legal right to be represented by an attorney throughout the entire process. Professionals at explain that a personal injury lawyer has experience in dealing with similar cases. You can get peace of mind when an experienced lawyer deals with your injury case to increase the chances of getting an adequate settlement.

Document Everything

You should document everything related to your workplace injury. You can take photos of your injuries and other features around the accident site. You also need to write a diary of events that you remember about the incident. It is essential to get details from the witnesses and other necessary information that you can use as evidence to support your claim.

File a Compensation Claim

The workers’ compensation laws vary by state, and in most cases, the employer files the worker’s compensation claim on behalf of the injured employee. However, if you fail to agree with your employer or their insurance company, you have a right to file a lawsuit in a court of law to get the benefits you deserve. You have a right to refuse specific requests or favors by the employer urging you to drop the workers’ compensation claim. Your employer has no right to victimize you when you file a lawsuit since they may face severe penalties.

Your Legal Rights With Other Parties

If your job-related injury is caused by another third party’s negligence, you have a legal right to file a compensation claim against them. This claim is known as a “third party claim” and it can involve the manufacturer of the defective equipment that caused your injuries. If you are hurt as a result of another driver’s negligence while you are on duty, you have a right to file a claim against them for your injuries as well.

If you are injured at work, you are entitled to get workers’ compensation benefits. All employers are required by the law in different states to have workers’ compensation insurance to protect their employees. However, the workers’ compensation laws vary from state to state, so you should know your legal rights when you suffer a workplace injury. You must report the incident and seek medication. You have a right to get legal representation throughout the entire compensation claim process. You can also appeal the decision made by your employer or their insurance company, and you should not face any reprisals.