How to Protect Your Baby’s Skin

How to Protect Your Baby's Skin | HealthSoul

Parents will do anything to protect their baby and provide the utmost care for their needs. All babies need proper care, such as giving them the right nutrients for growth and skincare. As a parent, you need to know how to take care of your baby’s skin and protect them from harmful elements. Here are some tips that you can do to ensure healthy skin for your baby.

Regulate Sun Exposure

The sun is a good source of vitamin D, which your baby needs. However, you should regulate and limit your baby’s exposure to the sun as much as possible. If your baby is under six months old, it would be best to:

  • Avoid applying sunscreen
  • Have them wear a hat that covers the ears and neck
  • Avoid sun exposure between 10am and 4pm, when ultraviolet rays are strongest
  • Dress them with loose-fitting, lightweight fabrics that would cover the whole body. You may want to check out organic clothing like Baby Riddle to ensure your baby will not have any untoward reactions, such as rashes
  • Keep them in the shade at all times

If you need to spend a few minutes outside your house, you must keep your baby hydrated with breastmilk or formula milk.

Always Observe for Dry Skin

Some babies develop small portions of dry skin a few days or weeks after their birth. These typically go away even without applying any moisturizer, but if you notice that your baby has cracking or dehydrated skin, you may want to consider applying lotion that doesn’t have dyes and perfumes, which can be harmful to your baby’s skin. You may also use petroleum jelly-based baby products to mend the cracking skin. Take note of natural plant oils like sunflower seed, olive, or coconut oils that can be alternative moisturizers for your baby. However, be sure to consult professionals first before applying any of these to your baby’s skin.

Follow Proper Bathing

You should follow the traditional practices for bathing an infant. Giving your baby regular baths is a good practice, but you don’t have to do it every day. When bathing your baby, you should use lukewarm water and a soft washcloth for cleaning them. Observe your baby’s skin for some time when using washcloths; in some cases, they may cause dryness and skin irritations. Here are some reminders when bathing your baby:

  • Be sure to hold your baby securely and focus on your task
  • Always prepare lukewarm water and do not use hot water for bathing
  • Choose a warm room in your house
  • Bathe your baby for five to 10 minutes only
  • Only use water when washing your baby’s face and eyes
  • Only use prescribed baby soap for your baby’s hair and body

After bathing your baby, make sure you completely dry them before dressing them in a diaper or clothing.

Take Care of the Umbilical Cord

A small portion of the umbilical cord will still be attached when you first bring your baby home. You need to keep the belly button clean and dry, as the cord falls off in one to three weeks. Be patient and wait for the remainder of the cord to fall off, and remember not to pull it forcibly. You don’t have to apply any substance to prevent any irritations and infections.

Final Thoughts

It is imperative to keep your baby’s skin clean, dry, and out of the sun. If you are applying moisturizers, do not overdo it, as this might cause skin problems. Be sure to anticipate several skin conditions that your baby will experience in the first year, and keep in touch with your baby’s doctor at all times.