How to Look After Your Health by Using Bioresonance Devices

How to Look After Your Health by Using Bioresonance Devices | HealthSoul

Bioresonance therapy is a non-invasive and painless therapy that helps diagnose and treat certain illnesses. This therapy works with the help of bioresonance devices that read the energy wavelengths in your body.

Bioresonance works based on the idea that your body cells emit specific electromagnetic energy wavelengths. The use of a bioresonance device helps detect the frequency pattern of the energy waves from your body.  The machine can also separate the healthy wavelengths from the unhealthy ones and further manipulate the wavelengths to improve the positive effect of the healthy energy waves.

This article sheds light on everything you need to know about bioresonance devices and how they help diagnose and cure diseases.

How Do Bioresonance Devices Work?

As mentioned earlier, bioresonance technology reads the frequency of the energy wavelengths from your body cells, helping detect if you’re healthy or sick. The machine has electrodes that are stuck onto your skin. The electrodes use electromagnetic waves to detect healthy and unhealthy cell frequencies in your body.

One of the machines used in this therapy is a bioresonance scanner which scans your body using electromagnetic waves and records the frequency of your cells’ energy wavelengths. Using artificial intelligence, the machine then converts the electromagnetic waves readings into a detailed health report.

Another essential device used in bioresonance technology is the bioresonance therapy machine. In addition to scanning your body, this machine also comes up with a treatment plan based on your diagnosis and boosts the frequency of your healthy cell vibrations to ensure you get well. Additionally, the machine also inverts the unhealthy electromagnetic waves to reduce their negative impact on your body.

Which Health Conditions Do Bioresonance Devices Treat?

Past research shows that bioresonance is effective in diagnosing and treating a number of health conditions, including:

  • Smoking – A research study done in 2014 found out that bioresonance therapy could help smokers quit smoking. In the study, the participants who were all smokers were divided into two groups. One group received bioresonance therapy, while the other got a placebo. The results showed that 77.2% of the people who received bioresonance therapy successfully quit smoking in one week. While only 54.8% of those who received the placebo were able to quit smoking
  •  Allergies – Numerous studies have been done on the effect of bioresonance on allergic conditions. Both controlled and uncontrolled studies have shown that bioresonance can help treat allergies, asthma, and eczema.
  •  Abdominal pain – In one study, bioresonance helped reduce the pain of people suffering from gastrointestinal tract disorders.
  •  Fibromyalgia – A study done to determine the effectiveness of bioresonance in treating muscle pain compared to acupressure reported that bioresonance was a better treatment option. The study participants were divided into two groups where one of the groups was treated with manual and point therapy while the other group got bioresonance therapy. The results of the study showed that the participants in the bioresonance group reported a 72% improvement in muscular pain compared to a 37% improvement in the other group.
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis – A number of studies suggest that bioresonance works by normalizing the work of antioxidants in your body. This helps reduce tissue damage among those who suffer from RA
  • Overtraining syndrome – Athletes who overtrain and don’t get time to rest can suffer from burnout. In one study, bioresonance technology was shown to help relieve overtraining symptoms by bringing the athletes blood pressure and heart rate to normal

Bioresonance technology is also an effective preventive measure against illnesses.  Exposure of your body to electromagnetic waves helps promote good health by improving the vibrations and frequency of healthy magnetic cells while also enhancing your body’s resistance to illnesses.

Another advantage of bioresonance devices is that they help detect disease early, even before the symptoms appear. Besides, the technology makes it possible for all your body organs to be evaluated in just one session. Not to mention that you don’t need to pop pills in your body, as this safe therapy helps you fight diseases without medication.

Who Can Use Bioresonance Devices?

Bioresonance machines are compact and can be used by anyone due to their ease of use. Besides, to perform a diagnosis using a bioresonance scanning device, you don’t need to have a medical background or unique experience.

Therefore, you can buy the scanner and perform the diagnostic test yourself. Once the device analyses the nature of your cellular vibrations, someone experienced in using the machine can read the report and help interpret the diagnosis and treatment plan.

Is Bioresonance Therapy Safe?

The testing and diagnosis of different conditions using bioresonance machines is a completely safe procedure. The technology has been used in many patients, including young babies and mature adults, with no side effects reported.

Further, in case one is sick, the electromagnetic waves used in the therapy are targeted on the affected cells ensuring healthy tissues remain untouched. However, although bioresonance is an effective treatment for various conditions, it should only be used after a consultation with your physician.

In closing, bioresonance technology is an effective preventive and treatment option for a wide range of diseases. User-friendly bioresonance devices can help you diagnose illnesses and suggest appropriate treatment plans. However, before you use bioresonance therapy, ensure you consult your physician first.