How to Land the Perfect Pair of Sandals This Summer

Summer is almost here, and your flip flops from last summer are looking pretty worn. It’s time to get those new summer shoes you’ve been thinking about. When shopping for a pair, you want to find that perfect balance between style and comfort.

Here are 5 quick tips to follow:

1. Reviews, Reviews, and More Reviews! 

If you’re experiencing foot envy from seeing someone’s summer shoes and can’t wait to order them, do a quick comparison before you make that purchase. Sometimes the shoes look good, but they turn out to be uncomfortable. Why sacrifice substance for style, or the other way around? It’s easy to prevent a letdown by doing some basic research. A few minutes is usually all it takes, to get yourself up to speed.

When you start this research process, read up on online reviews from real customers. If possible, look for comments from people of your same shoe size. This is important because you’ll find out more about the fit and whether you need to order a size up or down.

Reviews can also impart knowledge on how the material feels or if it causes blisters. Reading reviews will help prevent foot pain from the get-go.

2. Consider the Material  

When it comes to sandals and flip flops, wearing them consistently in the summertime is a reality. This means wear and tear. While some wear is excellent for a comfy fit, you want to ensure that the material the shoe is made of isn’t going to wear to the point where your sandals are falling apart.

When the sole starts to wear, two things can happen. One: your shoe support goes out the window and your body is no longer balancing correctly on your feet. Instead, you’re overcompensating somewhere for the lack of support. This could be on your hips, your knees, or your feet.

Although a worn shoe can be cozy, don’t think your body is okay with it. Getting a sandal made of durable, sturdy, and comfortable material isn’t difficult with today’s choices of rubber, leather, vinyl, and foam. It’s just a matter of looking and seeing what works best for you!

Chafing may also happen. As WebMD states, chafing can occur anywhere in your body. When it comes to wearing flip flops, it happens in between the toes. It hurts, and it can make your skin crack. Prevent chafing by choosing the right material for the thong of your flip flop. Whether it’s plastic or fabric, be sure it works for you.

3. Support Your Feet 

Just because it’s a summer shoe, it doesn’t mean the footwear can’t support your feet. While summer shoes are intended to be taken off quickly, be sure you’re giving your feet the comfort and support they need.

A flat flip-flop is convenient for the beach, the pool, or even for taking a shower. However, it is not a good option for all-day walking. Look for a comfortable midsole and arch in addition to technology that supports comfortable walking. This is where our first tip comes in handy.

4. Decide on the Backing 

Slip-ons are easy to put on. They also fall off easily so consider the intent of your footwear. If they’re for the poolside, then a slip-on is the right choice. If they’re for the lake, perhaps a sandal with a backing will serve you better.

Where will you be using them? If you fear they’ll fall off, then go with a backing that allows you the comfort and breathability needed in the summertime.

Decide on the Backing | HealthSoul

5. Classy or Relaxed? 

Nowadays, you can even wear sandals to work as long as they look nice and neat. If this is the case, look for a classy open-toe shoe that says office and summer at the same time. This is also the best type of shoe for nice khaki shorts or a skirt for that dinner party.

At home, go for your pool-side flip and keep it relaxed. Either way, don’t forget about your foot. Look for a shoe that will support foot health.

Last Words of Advice

Other aspects of summer wear to look for are whether the shoe is weather-resistant and anti-bacterial. Also, since you’ve spent time looking for these if you’re going to take them to the water, be sure they float. Don’t lose your investment in the endless ocean.

Choose the right shoe for the upcoming hot months and take care of your feet. Style is important for looks, and you do want to fall in love with your shoes. However, don’t forget that your feet support you, and they also need the right support from you.