How To Grow Your Dental Practice In The New Normal

How To Grow Your Dental Practice In The New Normal | HealthSoul

Given the economic and safety consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic on people and businesses, you might be wondering if you could operate and grow your dental practice in the new normal. Due to the coronavirus disease’s threat of infection and transmission, patients might be afraid to visit your physical office and get the dental treatment they need. In such a case, you would have a difficult time attracting new patients. If you’re a dental professional, below are a few ways to help you grow your dental practice in the new normal:

Maintain An Optimized And Responsive Website

Since most people use the Internet to look for something or get essential information during the pandemic, then you could keep an optimized and responsive website to reach out to potential patients. Typically, having a professional dental website could help you attract more patients to trust your practice. It could also be an effective marketing tool in the new normal, since most people depend on the web to acquire information. 

For example, if someone in your area needs dental treatment, they could just search some dentists on the web to narrow down their options. That’s why when you have a website for your dental practice, you could convert a mere online user into a new patient. However, to get the most out of your website, you need to incorporate essential features, such as a mobile-friendly web design, simple navigation, contact information, photos of the dentist and other professionals, and reviews and testimonials. 

Also, if you also want your site to be an authority in the dental industry and stand out in the search engine results, you could add an informative blog section. For example, you could post an article about the importance of good dental health to encourage your readers to keep good oral hygiene. By doing this, your online users would see that you’re an expert in the industry, thereby making your practice more reliable. As a result, you could successfully grow your dental practice despite the pandemic. 

Implement A Dental Referral Program

As mentioned, the coronavirus pandemic has made it difficult for professionals like dentists to attract more patients and grow their practice. Hence, if you need help in doing so, then implementing a dental referral program could be an excellent idea. This program works by offering a referral bonus, such as a special discount or a free dental service, to encourage them to refer a friend. 

Remember, having a patient who could testify to your professionalism and excellence as a dental professional and convert someone to be a patient could be beneficial to your efforts of growing your practice. Since doing some marketing strategies could be difficult in the new normal, you could use a dental referral program as an effective way to gain more patients during this unfortunate time. 

Come Up With A COVID-19 Policy In The Dental Clinic

Depending on the state where you live in, you might be allowed to run your physical dental clinic in your area amidst the pandemic. But, if you’re looking to grow your practice in the new normal, you might have to enforce a COVID-19 policy in your dental clinic. One of the things you should include in the policy is the implementation of some safety protocols. With them in place, you could show your patients that your clinic adheres to safety measures when addressing their patients’ dental problems. When this happens, your patients would have peace of mind and utmost comfort, and in turn, your clinic would attract more new patients to your practice. 

The following are some safety measures you could implement in your dental clinic: 

  • Screening all the patients for COVID-19 symptoms over the phone call before and upon the arrival at the clinic;
  • Maintaining a safe distance in the clinic for all the patients;
  • Explaining the protocols when the appointment is booked;
  • Allowing time for disinfection between patients;
  • Making sure only the patients are entering the clinic and others who need help should be handed over to the clinic in charge;
  • Announcing your clinic’s safety protocols through your website, social media platforms, business listings, and even clear signage in the clinic;
  • Staying connected with the patients by providing dental health tips, appointment reminders, and many more. 

In addition to safety measures, your COVID-19 policy should also include some updated clinic policies that could help you grow your dental practice. These include:

  • Offering flexible payment terms for specific dental services;
  • Offering free or low-cost dental care for uninsured patients;
  • Providing digital payment options to minimize physical contact and the possible threat of the coronavirus;
  • Removing policies about cancellation fees, so patients who don’t feel well could cancel the appointment easily and quickly. 

Final Thoughts 

With many restrictions to keep in mind, operating and growing a dental practice could be extra challenging during these uncertain times. But, by following the tips mentioned above in mind, you could successfully convert prospects to patients even in the new normal.