How to Ensure a Win in a Motorcycle Accident Case

Motorcycle accidents can potentially be a tragic occurrence in your or a loved one’s life. They are unfortunately also one of the most difficult litigation cases. This is because injuries that occur during a motorcycle accident are typically unique and often come with a string of contributing factors that aided in the accident.

It is important that motorcycle accident victims know their rights. A lot of those in the biking community share the opinions and the belief that the legal system is much harsher towards them in the case of an accident. This comes from the perception by society that motorcyclists are menace and reckless drivers and that they will therefore be given a hard time in court when it comes to accident litigation.

Here is what you need to do to ensure a win in court.

Get Medical Help

Often motorcycle accidents are far more serious than motor vehicle accidents. They can cause serious bodily harm with damages like fractures, head and brain trauma, and paralysis. It isn’t completely uncommon for a motorcycle accident victim to completely lose consciousness only to regain it a few hours later when they’re lying in an emergency room. When this happens an accident victim might need to stay in the hospital for an extended period of time.

In cases where an accident victim is conscious, they are typically able to describe their injuries, where they feel pain, and what happened to the paramedics so that they can receive immediate treatment. Some motorcyclists might even think that their injuries are not that serious because they have experienced similar injuries in the past, but this is not the right time to act tough and brush things off. Always accept medical help.

This can be useful in your court case as it aids in collecting information and building up your evidence.

Continue with the Treatment

It’s important for an accident victim to listen to the things that their doctor’s order and prescribe. At they stress how important it is that you focus on your health and recovery after a serious accident. If you have been instructed to stay off of your motorbike for a while and to take some time off work until a recovery is apparent, it is important that you should do this.

It is incredibly important for an accident victim to complete all of the necessary medical treatments before the claims process begins so that one can adequately determine how much the defendant should pay in damages.

Also, remember that insurance companies will always be on the lookout for any loopholes that will allow them to deny a settlement or to award a much lower than deserved settlement amount. This is typically on the grounds that the accident victim either denied treatment and turned it down, or didn’t follow medical advice later on as prescribes by the doctor.

Delay Motorcycle Repair

It might seem odd, but it makes logical sense. Beyond just taking photos of the damages, an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer is likely to tell you that it is sometimes better to avoid doing repairs. This means that you are able to provide the motorcycle as part of your physical evidence, which helps your case.

During a court proceeding, accident reconstruction experts may be called in, or potentially even required to testify on the severity of the accident. They do this by looking at the evidence and since photos can be deceiving it is not uncommon that they ask to look at the motorcycle itself. This can tell them a lot more about an accident than photos alone. This is why keeping your bike as is after the accident is important and can help strengthen your claim.

Get a Police Report

You should always contact the police to make a statement in the case of you getting into an accident. Having police corroborate your claim comes in handy as it holds important details that were collected fresh after the accident. They have details such as the identity of all of the parties involved as well as vehicle plate number and insurance numbers as well as anything else of note that was observed by the police officers on scene.

Don’t Post on Social Media

In this age of staying connected people tend to want to share every aspect of their life on social media. It might be something “exciting” or scary that you want to share with your social media community, but do not do this.

It is important that you keep details of the accident to yourself as you could say something that could compromise your case. Your post could be used as evidence against you to discredit your claims.

Don’t Post on Social Media

By following these tips and getting the right lawyer for you, you are sure to win your motorcycle accident case. Let’s hope you don’t have to use these tips any time soon.