How to Choose the Best Pillow for Health Issues

How to Choose the Best Pillow for Health Issues | HealthSoul

In case you want to buy a soft pillow, do not be surprised that you often have a headache. Incidentally, the wrong little cushion can not only cause migraines, but also neck and spine pain. What are the main points to consider for health issues?

1) Size: Not Higher Than 17 cm

The first thing you should pay attention to is the size. Length and width can be standard — 70×70 cm or 50×70. As a rule, this is enough to put a cushion not only under the head but also under the neck.

With height, things are more complicated. If the pillow is too big, then the chin will fall to the chest during sleep. In this position, the bend of the cervical spine is flattened, which may cause the pain in the neck. However, this does not mean that you will have to spend the nights on an absolutely flat surface. You can purchase the best wedge pillow of up to 17 cm high to make your sleep comfortable.

2) Shape: Traditional Square

The square and rectangular shapes are considered optimal. Recently, in addition to traditional pillows in stores, you can find so-called ergonomic ones. They copy the natural bends of the human body, for example, they have a cushion under the neck and a recess under the back of the head. Such cushions can be very convenient, but only if they are made following all the rules.

3) Filling: Buckwheat Is Better Than Fluff

Fillers can be of two types — natural (feathers and fluff) and synthetic (holofiber, sintepon, ecofiber). From an orthopedic point of view, the second ones are preferable: they keep their shape perfectly, giving rest to the spine. As for natural materials, they quickly deform under the weight of the human body. However, synthetic fillers do not absorb moisture that goes through the pores of the skin while we sleep. Therefore, it is better to opt for a combination item full of two types of filling at the same time.

Very good options for cushions today are those that are stuffed with buckwheat husk. Besides, they are quite well ventilated, says jons guide.

Filling: Buckwheat is better than Fluff | HealthSoul

4) Mid-Softness

It would seem that the softer the pillow, the more pleasant it is to sleep on it. Unfortunately, you will have to pay for this comfort with your well-being. However, it does not mean that you need to sleep on a wooden plank, as in Ancient Japan. If the bed is too stiff, the body will not be able to properly rest on it.

An ideal cushion is filled easily, but not completely, and quickly regains its head shape. The angle between the shoulder and the neck in the supine position should be 90 degrees. If lying on your side, you constantly put your hand under your head, you should get a little harder item.

Now you know how to select the best pillow for your health. Use these tips and enjoy your sleep.