How to Boost Your Energy: Lifestyle Choices

How to Boost Your Energy: Lifestyle Choices | HealthSoul

Are you dragging yourself through the day with limited enthusiasm? Wish you had more energy? There are some surprising methods you can use to get your Mojo back – and a few you probably knew about already. Chances are, you’ve already formed a few opinions about what’s sapping your energy, but if you’re looking for a few extra tips, you’ll find them here!

But before you read on, reach for that coffee – unless it’s after two in the afternoon. That’s right, there’s nothing wrong with drinking coffee to give yourself an extra little boost, as discussed here. In moderation, it’s actually good for you! Now for some of those big ideas you might want to consider incorporation into your lifestyle.

1. Up the Ante on Exercise

Shocked? When your energy is already at a low ebb, surely exercise will exhaust you even more? Wrong! Exercise gets your heart pumping, oxygenates your blood, and actually leaves you feeling a lot more energetic. Plus, as you exercise, you’re building your physical endurance – you can handle more energy burn before feeling like something the cat dragged in!

Top tip? Whatever you’re doing, do more of it. If you aren’t exercising yet, give it a try! A combination of cardio and strength training should make a noticeable difference the very first time you do it. And if you need a little extra motivation, take along some of your favorite music or get a gym buddy to keep you on point.

2. Sleep Better

Sleep better, not more! Unless you’re trying to get by on way less than any healthy adult should, your low energy could come from poor quality sleep. There are tons of ways to improve that such as avoiding coffee during the afternoons and evenings and cutting out or reducing alcohol intake.

But our top tip may resonate with you: turn off that TV and put your mobile phone away at least half an hour before bedtime, and preferably a bit more. The blue light from screens persuades our brains to wake up, so even if you’re dropping off right after turning off that screen, you probably aren’t getting quality sleep.

Did you decide to get more exercise? It won’t just boost your daytime energy: it will help you to sleep better at night too!

3. Rethink Your Eating Habits

Apart from eating healthy foods that are low in sugar and fat, eating less food more often could help to increase your energy. Ever noticed how tired you feel after a heavy meal? Avoid that by eating light. There’s no need to starve yourself. There are plenty of foods that are rich in nutrients and low on calories.

On the flipside, ask yourself if you’re eating enough. If you’re trying to stick to a strict, calorie-limited crash diet, that’s quite likely to be the reason for your lack of energy. Avoid the fads and eat sensibly. When it comes to weight loss, slow and steady wins the race.

4. Stay Hydrated

Your body needs water to function properly – and your brain is extremely sensitive to dehydration. Your brain consists of 85 percent water, and you only need to lose two percent of that to start feeling worn out and unable to concentrate.

As for your other organs, they’ll be taking strain too, so start your day with your favorite coffee if you like (after all, it contains water) but try for a glass of water before each meal, drink water before and during your workout, and sip away throughout the day.

Do See Your Doctor if You Can’t Shake It or Have Other Symptoms

Of course, it’s possible that feeling overtired all the time has more sinister roots. If you have other symptoms, or if you’re already making healthy lifestyle choices but are still losing energy, it’s time to see your doctor. Even if all’s well, you won’t be wasting your time. You can get sound advice from your doctor that’s based on your health and habits.