How to Battle Hair-loss And Keep Your Mane Healthy

How to Battle Hair-loss And Keep Your Mane Healthy | HealthSoul

Losing hair isn’t a pretty sight for anyone, and you can end up losing your confidence as a result. Today, several hair care products help to bring back your hair to its former self. Some natural, while others have chemical elements.

What you don’t see as much is how to can keep your hair healthy and not lose it. If you look deeply, you can find a few methods to use to battle hair loss. But which one’s work and which ones aren’t to be trusted. If you’re looking to keep your scalp healthy while you battle hair loss, here are a few ways you can do it.

1.  Diet

Of all the things that can cause hair loss, diet is one that you may not have looked at deeply. When you eat greens, you reduce your chances of hair loss quite drastically. This is according to a study done in 2018. With foods such as salads, basil, and parsley, you can keep baldness away for a while.

2.  Regular Washing

Did you know that washing your hair regularly can help the scalp remain healthy? A clean scalp is a healthy one. And you need to use mild shampoo when washing your hair. And when rinsing the hair, use cool water as hold water may cause dryness. Some harsh shampoos can cause your hair to break and lead to hair loss. Have a look at some of the mild shampoo that you can use to wash your hair

3.  Olive Oil

Still, as part of your hair care, olive oil can work wonders for your hair. Olive oil has been known to protect the hair from the dryness associated with the breakage of hair. You need only apply a few tablespoons of olive oil directly to the hair. You can do this once or twice a week and let the oil settle in your scalp for 30 minutes before washing.

4.  Avoid Hair Processing

One thing that you may not know is that most treatments in the market today are chemical-based. And they can ruin your hair and mane. Before you can apply anything to your hair, you need to ask your stylist for alternatives. Get alternative organic hair care products to keep your hair in shape.

5.  Medical

There are several medical ideas that you can opt for when you want to battle hair loss. Some of them are pretty expansive. Here are the ones that you can look at.

● Platelet-rich Plasma

One medical procedure that can be done to reduce hair loss is the injection of PRP. It is injected into the scalp, the part of your hair that suffers hair loss with be stimulated to grow. This process is done in around four sessions for best results, with each session costs around $500 – $1000.

● Laser

Laser treatment isn’t something new to hair treatment. As much as it can be used to remove unwanted hair, it can also grow hair. For those who suffer generic hair loss significantly, the low-level laser can improve hair density. The home laser device can cost anything from $200 – $600, and it takes several treatments to see results.

Other forms of Medicine

Some other forms of medicine can be used to battle hair loss. If you’re in the know, you have heard about significant telemedicine companies like Romans, Hims, and Keeps. While there have been a lot of talks, but does Keeps work for hair loss?

● Finasteride/Keeps

One thing about these products is that, other than giving you budget-friendly products, they do work. You also get free doctor consultation with the product. On your first order, you get 50% off and $25 per month.

This is a Finasteride prescription that promotes hair growth. It also slows down the hair loss process. The drug works best for people under the age of 60. Preferably, should be sued by men.

● Phenylephrine

Another form of medication that can be used to combat hair loss is phenylephrine. This is best used for hair that rough styling products have damaged. With this medication, you can strengthen the follicle and stimulate growth in the affected areas.

6.  Massage

Massages are known to relax muscles, but they can also be used to slow down hair loss. When you massage your scalp, which should be done every day for 4 minutes, you’ll strengthen the scalp. For better results, you need to keep at it for 24 weeks.

Massaging the scalp helps to relax the muscles in the scalp. And most of the time, you’ll massage using hair care products that leave the scalp moisturized.

7.  Proteins

Regular consumption of proteins can also help to battle hair loss. A lot of people with hair loss problems suffer from nutritional deficiencies. When you eat a rich food serving in proteins, you can reduce the chance of hair loss.

8.  Coconut Oil

Coconut oil can’t only be used for moisturizing the hair and giving it a shiny look. It is also good to prevent hair loss. The proteins in the hair are well-bonded when coconut oil is applied to the hair.

When you massage your scalp for 24 weeks, it’s better if you use coconut oil. It gives for natural oil and won’t affect your scalp or your palms while you massage.

9.  Styling

Styling can result in breakage in your hair. With styles such as braid and ponytails, you run the risk of pulling your hair from the roots. This may, in turn, lead to shedding and hence hair loss.

Other styling ideas that you need to be warry off are curling and hot straightening irons. They not only hurt your hair but will also damage your scalp and break the hair shaft.

Battling hair loss is a full-time task, and you need to handle it with care. You need to watch out for the products you use on your hair. You can also use some medication to help you delay hair loss for a while. There are also some natural ways to keep the hair strong, healthy and prevent loss.