How Dental Marketing Has Evolved In This Digital Age

How Dental Marketing Has Evolved In This Digital Age| HealthSoul

Marketing is changing and becoming more patient focused. The goal is for the patients to become more actively involved in their health care and to uncover what’s top of mind and turn to trusted resources for information and recommendations. In fact, we have found that about 40% of dental practices use some form of advertising for new patient acquisition. These are the more notable digital marketing channels that are currently being used.

Dental marketing has evolved immensely in the last decade. Dentists and dental offices have become “known” online and some even thrive on attracting new patients and building a strong patient community through social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. There are also many dental marketers who have transformed their practices into membership communities for patients making the patient acquisition process more cost-effective and far more nurturing for new patients.

Since most Internet users are accustomed to finding their own health information online, they may be looking for a resource that can help them solve a problem or even prevent a future complication. The dental office of the future will have expanded offerings beyond seeing patients in chairs. Here are four facts that supports How dental marketing has evolved in this digital age:

Message now travels fast through digital channels

Many years ago, if you wanted to reach someone, you’d have to call, write a letter or find them in person. Nowadays, people can get in contact with one another instantly through call, text and mostly social media. Since we are now in a world where most people own a smartphone, they’ll be using social media platforms or even texting to stay connected. They expect marketers to be able to give them the instant information they desire. They also expect instant solutions from dental offices via digital channels.

The number of social media network users have increased rapidly, and that has turned into a full-blown revolution. The way we look at the internet has completely changed. Gone are the days when you open a browser and surf sites to get what you want. Nowadays, you’re just a click away from getting anything. Yes, even your teeth!

Marketing now includes ways to make people feel

Marketing is now focused on the whole person, not just the products you are selling. While this was already happening in different ways for some industries, dental marketing has evolved to include many methods to make patients feel. Because your patients are people, not just teeth, dental marketing has evolved to include many methods to make patients feel wanted and special. This includes all aspects from marketing materials to the email they receive from their dentist after a routine check up.

The means to attract people are wider reaching

Today, a lot of social media sites, communities and content sharing sites have been created to accommodate the needs of humans. People are now able to connect with others from other countries and even other cities. More importantly, people today are able to find credible information about dental procedures, available services and even the dentist.

In this light, it is apparent how dental marketing has progressed as a result of the means brought about by technological advancements. The importance of building a solid online presence should be considered as it will make it easier for patients to find doctors who can provide them with quality service and care.

As dental marketing has evolved in the digital age, the means to attract people are wider reaching than ever. Rather than placing one or two ads in the local newspaper or community mag, many dentists are now turning online to reach their ideal patient.

Today’s dental marketing is more affordable, convenient and personal

How do dentists get new patients? It’s the million dollar question for modern dentists. I’m sure you know about the pitfalls of direct mail, but that’s not the only one. There are also some cool ways that I use to attract new patients, which surprisingly aren’t very popular…yet. If you are up to date with the current trend, you will notice doctors, lawyers and dentists being active in TikTok, Facebook, Instagram and even making their own YouTube Channels.

In the digital era, all things have been made simpler and cheaper. Marketing is no exception. It has been simulated to a great extent with a wide range of dental marketing tools brought forth by online marketing providers. They use a variety of digital advances including videos, infographics, blogs and social media pages to market effectively at a fraction of the cost used in the past years.


Customer marketing today is unique when compared by statistics to the number of marketing tactics and services available in the past. It has a lot to do with the way dental patients do their business. If you visit a dental clinic, it would be evident that dental practices have greatly evolved in this digital age.

If you are reading this article, you are on the right track to knowing how dental marketing has evolved. These days, dental marketing has evolved into an affordable, straightforward and personal process that is constantly improving with technology. Dental marketing is no longer limited to the four walls of your office