How Can Massage Be A Part Of A Balanced Lifestyle

How Can Massage Be A Part Of A Balanced Lifestyle | HealthSoul

How many times have you ever heard people talk about leading a healthy lifestyle? Maybe it is more times than you can remember. Your physician will always stress the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle as it makes your body less susceptible to diseases.

Exercising and engaging in healthy feeding habits are some of the most famous pieces of advice that experts in this field will give you. However, massage is one of the most-underrated routines that people need to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Most people think that it is only the rich that can afford a massage. The good news is that the perception is now changing, and people are now incorporating massage routines into their lifestyles. Such people are investing in massage devices that they can use at home. Let us explore the benefits of massage:

Muscle Relaxation and Flexibility

Muscle tension is one of the most common causes of pain. People who have muscle tension find it hard for their muscles to relax normally. The body has different muscles that are connected to the brain. When you want to move any muscle in your body, the brain sends a signal to that muscle to either tighten or contract. Muscle rigidity occurs when a muscle or a group of muscles remain contracted for long.

Massage targets the affected muscles and the source of pain. A good massage improves circulation to the injured or affected area. Such muscles thus receive enough oxygen and nutrients that the muscles need to recover. Massage also releases pain-killing hormones, endorphins, which boost serotonin levels and dopamine in the body. These hormones improve human well-being, both mentally and physically. Massage can be combined with yoga for better results.

Boost the Immune System

People with high levels of stress are susceptible to injuries and illnesses. It even gets worse when a person is stressed, does not get enough sleep, and engages in poor feeding habits. The body’s ability to protect itself from pathogens, bacteria, and illnesses reduce when the immune system is weak.

Massage helps reduce stress, which is the first step towards creating a strong immune system. Going through thorough massage sessions helps the body fights pathogens. Various organs and muscles also benefit from improved delivery of nourishment and oxygen. A good massage combined with exercises keeps the body strong and resilient to diseases. Combining massage with natural products such as CBD improves the immune system.

Relief From Pain

Millions of people experience muscle, neck, and back pains at a certain point in life. Some of these chronic pains occur due to poor lifestyle choices. On the other hand, some pains arise from accidents, injuries, or even other illnesses. Chronic back pain is ranked as the second most common cause of disability, and it is among the top reason people miss work. Obese people who have poor sitting postures tend to suffer from back pains.

Repeatedly, assuming the wrong posture for an extended period disfigures your back muscles. A good massage therapy session can help align your muscles and ease the pain. Your muscles can thus relax and loosen, which reduces pressure and thus eliminates pain. The joints will enjoy increased freedom, range of motion, and flexibility. The body is, therefore, able to position itself and reduce pressure, which causes pain.

Steps to Make Massage Part of your Lifestyle

Decide on the Type of Massage to Take

Different types of massage fulfill varying needs.

  • Deep massage. This approach uses slow but forceful strokes to target the human body’s deep tissue layers and inner muscles. It is the best massage when you want to repair broken tissues.
  • Trigger point massage. This massage targets the exact muscles that are stiff or painful. The aim is to release pressure and make the muscles more flexible.
  • Swedish massage. It is the most common form of massage. It is gentle and involves long strokes, deep-circular motions, kneading, tapping, and vibrations to relax the hurting muscles.
  • Sports massage. It is the best massage for athletes. Such people suffer from stiffness, muscle tear, and soreness during practice. The approach is similar to Swedish massage only that it focuses on the muscles they use mostly during practice and while on the field.

Develop a Routine

If you have ever tried to visit the gym, then you know that it takes commitment to achieve your goals. You as well need to be disciplined when it comes to massage therapy if you want to benefit. You can decide to have daily sessions or even several of them in a week, depending on your needs.

Back and neck pains may not disappear after one session. Analyze your needs or even consult an expert to guide on how to develop a plan. Make your schedule flexible to accommodate changes as need be. You can have different sessions that focus on different muscles.

Prepare your Body Mentally and Physically

What you do before, during, and after the massage session will influence the entire session’s effectiveness. Eat two or three hours before the session because massage is known to stimulate digestion. You may thus feel queasy if you eat just before the session.

Warm your muscles just before going for a session. For instance, taking a shower allows your muscles and mind to relax and help you concentrate. Do not hold your breath during the massage session as your system needs to be fed with oxygen and varying nutrients and make the session fruitful.

Avoid scheduling exercises right after your massage session. Straining and stressing your muscles right after a massage is a bad idea. Avoid taking coffee after your massage session as it is likely to stiffen the muscles you just worked one. Hydrate by taking water or herbal teas as your body needs to get rid of metabolic wastes.

Incorporating massage into your daily routines comes with loads of benefits, as you can already see. Learning how to get the best out of massage therapy makes it easy to lead a healthy lifestyle. Ensure that there are minimal distractions during your massage therapy sessions as it is an activity that needs concentration.