Here’s Why Your Health Issues Sometimes Get Worse After Treatment, and What You Can Do About It

Here’s Why Your Health Issues Sometimes Get Worse After Treatment, and What You Can Do About It | HealthSoul

Some people hate going to see any type of medical professional for any reason. This feeling of dread is validated and intensified when they seek treatment only to find that their problem not only failed to go away, it got worse. This can be quite frustrating to say the least. There are many reasons people don’t like to go see a doctor. The most common complaint is expense. This is not a problem in countries where there is universal healthcare. But in the states, medical bills account for over 62% of bankruptcies

Another reason people put off going to see a doctor is time. They don’t get paid time off and they barely make enough money as it is. Taking too many days off could cost them their job. That is too much risk for a doctor’s visit that might not pay off. Finally, people avoid the doctor due to fear. They have either heard horror stories or they experienced one of their own. Either way, they’re not interested. You very likely have In many cases, the treatment they receive is not effective even when it has been for other patients. Here are a few reasons why you might get worse instead of better, and what you can do about it:

You Didn’t Give It Enough Time

Anyone who has ever gone through detox cold turkey can attest to the fact that things get worse before they get better. Detox is never easy. But it is much more difficult when not overseen by a professional. Even in the Lone Star State, you don’t have to go it alone. Every rehab in Texas is overseen by professionals who can help you get through the worst of it. 

That doesn’t mean you have nothing left to do. Leaving rehab too soon will not help. You have to give it time. You have to trust the process. And you have to follow up. Once you leave, it still doesn’t mean you are completely free of issues. Relapse is a normal part of the process. Many people feel like they have failed and that they were failed by the program if they start using again. That is simply not the case. One treatment might do it for some people, but not all. You just have to give it enough time to work.

Doctor’s Negligence

Sometimes, doctors make honest mistakes. This is why we call it a medical practice. There are never any guarantees. Medication sometimes interacts in unexpected ways, especially if the doctor is not given an accurate account of the medicines you are taking. Those forms you are asked to fill out are vitally important. Passing them off as so much nonsense could be a costly error on your part.

That said, there are times when the mistake is caused by a doctor’s negligence. Your illness gets worse and you did everything right. Your doctor didn’t just miss something, he missed something he should have caught. Perhaps he called for the wrong dosage of the drug. Perhaps a nurse made a mistake. Our healthcare is performed and overseen by humans who make mistakes. If you get worse after a treatment that should have made you better inquire further. See a different doctor. And call an attorney if negligence is indicated.

The Treatment Had to Be Tried

There are many times when a doctor has to recommend a treatment they know might not work. Physical therapy is such a treatment. For some people with your symptoms, it works the first time. For you, it makes things work. Before going to something more expensive and drastic, they have to rule out the lesser issue. The same goes for medications. If you come back with the same or worse symptoms, they can move to the next diagnostic step which is often an MRI. Proper diagnostics require those safer, intermediate steps. Surgery is almost never the first option even if the doctor believes it will eventually come to that. In that case, there is nothing you can do but complete the process.

It is perfectly normal to feel worse after seeing the doctor and getting treatment. Sometimes, it means you haven’t given it enough time. Sometimes, the doctor made an honest mistake. And other times, it is just a part of a diagnostic procedure that has to be followed. If you suspect things are not going according to plan, feel free to get a second opinion.