Healthcare in Seychelles: Hospitals and Health Insurance

Healthcare in Seychelles: Hospitals and Health Insurance | HealthSoul

Healthcare in Seychelles

With a population of 96,000 in 2015, Seychelles ranks 200th in the world by population and 203rd by total area. The official languages of Seychelles are French, English, and Seselwa. The currency is the Seychellois rupee.

Seychelles ranks 56th in world health ranking per WHO. In 2014, the total expenditure on health per person was $844, which is 3.4% of the GDP.  Seychellois males have a life expectancy at birth of 69 years, and females can expect to live 78 years. There are 1.07 physicians per 1,000 people in Seychelles as compared with 2.56 physicians per 1,000 people in the United States.

Hospitals in Seychelles

Seychelles has a three-tiered health system: a youth health center and 16 district health centers located throughout the country at the primary-level care, 1 central referral hospital at the tertiary level, and 5 hospitals (including a mental and rehabilitative hospital) at the secondary level.

The private sector is growing, with 14 private medical practices that offer improvements in both variety and quality of service. Clinics have modern equipment to perform services such as electrocardiograms, ultra sounds, lab work, pain management, and ante-natal care. There are also 7 private dentists and 7 privately-owned pharmacies.

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HeALTH Insurance in Seychelles

The Seychelles government, through the Ministry of Health, has made substantial investment in primary health care, prevention, and delivery. They have made health services free, supplying full coverage for all citizens regardless of income, and nearly eradicating most communicable and infectious diseases.  The focus has now turned to non-communicable diseases, injuries, and mental health.

Other government agencies contribute: the Ministry of Education provides health education in schools, and the Ministry of Community Development, Youth, Sports, and Culture provides health education to a variety of population groups.

Travel (International) Health Insurance in Seychelles

Travel, or international, health insurance provides comprehensive medical coverage when traveling outside of one’s home country. Travel health insurance is different from travel insurance, as the latter may provide only emergency coverage but not full medical coverage.

Travelers should check with their health insurance provider, as they may already have an option of international health coverage. If they do not, they can purchase travel health insurance from their home country or the destination country.