Health Benefits of Using Crystals Around Your Home

Health Benefits of Using Crystals Around Your Home | HealthSoul

Indeed, your home should be your relaxing haven after a tiring day of activities. Everyone has their own calming and relaxation methods, such as mindful meditation, aromatherapy, doing favorite hobbies, listening to music, pampering and self-care routines, and many more. Whatever your stress management ways are, an essential benefit that you should get from these activities are health and wellness advantages.

Speaking of health and wellness, you can relax and manage your stress at home without doing any method, as long as you have crystals placed around your home. Dating back to the Ancient Sumerians, crystals were utilized for concocting magic formulas, until it transformed as a popular method of healing and meditation today.

What are crystals and how do they work?

Crystals are solid materials with different types and colors made up of definite and highly-ordered structures. Scientifically, crystals or crystallines pave the way for scientists to understand the structure and behavior of other compounds. These substances can occur naturally on earth or grown by crystallographers using salt and protein concentrations.

Everyting in nature carries the energy. As well as crystals, rocks, minerals, or even animals – they all belong to nature and Earth and as such, they are connected. Every crystal has a corresponding spirit animal – so when you choose the crystals for your home, think about that aspect as well. Is there any animal, bird, or insect that you see often? In your dreams or everyday life? Maybe you have a favourite one or the one that you feel very attached to? You can find which one is it and then you can make your perfect choice when it comes to crystals.

On another end, the wellness and meditation setting label crystals as healing crystals with a plethora of uses for emotional and spiritual advancement. Each healing crystal designates to a set of purposes that an individual can harness from using them. They have their unique abilities for healing the mind, body, and soul. Some people claim that crystals promote the flow of good energy and help rid your body and mind of negative energy for physical and emotional benefits. But if we study more deeply about crystals and their meanings we will understand that Crystals are minerals that hold energy, and as we as humans are made up of energy, we can exchange energy with the crystal when we work with it

Additionally, crystals serve as a healing channel that allows positive healing energy to enter your body and simultaneously draws out negative energy. They can also prevent certain health conditions and cure illnesses.

The Crystal Controversies: Are they only Marketing Bogus?

Controversies and substantial question marks surround the uses and benefits of healing crystals; labeling them as bogus encouraging people to buy them using false claims. Various celebrities and influential people like to feature them on their pampering routines, favorite essentials, and more, but what does science have to say about healing crystals?

Yes, healing crystals work wonders in some way, as explained by psychologists and neuroscientists. However, they don’t necessarily work as people thought about how they should otherwise. According to Stuart Vyse, the author of Believing In Magic: The Psychology of Superstition, there is a possibility that healing stones, crystals, or gems can have an indirect psychological benefit.

To finally shed significant light into the legitimacy of healing crystals, and discover their different purposes, discussed below are the health benefits of using crystals around your home:

1. Promote Fertility and Pregnancy

Crystals can work in a spectrum of ways, and one of its raved about advantages is how they promote fertility and pregnancy for couples who have issues with conceiving as well as first-time parents. Fertility crystals create subtle energy and ambiance for partners to relax before attempting to conceive. Placing fertility crystals in your bedside table or shelves can assist in curating this energy for your intimate experience.

Along with this, you can also use crystal lamps dedicated to love, sex, fertility, and pregnancy during sleep to serve as your guide to pregnancy. Some of the most popular fertility crystals are:

Moonstone: Since this stone is aligned with the energy of the moon symbolizing feminine energy, moonstone is an excellent crystal for empowering women during their pregnancy. Traditionally, moonstone crystals are placed under the full moon to charge it with feminine energy.

Carnelian: On the other hand, carnelian isn’t only ideal for pregnant women but caters to all women, because it stimulates and balances essential female anatomies including the vagina, cervix, uterus, fallopian tubes, and ovaries. During PMS and reproductive discomforts, the carnelian encourages soothing and healing.

Other reproductive, fertility, and pregnancy crystals include celestite, garnet, lepidolite, fluorite, aquamarine, rhodonite, and aventurine, among others. If you want to channel the purposes of these stones inside your home, you can wear them as jewelry, add them to your bath, or use a body layout.

 2. Boost Relief and Relaxation

Since crystals are built from salt and protein, they can be associated with halotherapy or salt therapy, a practice used in spas and wellness centers. This practice was first discovered when Polish physician Feliks Boczowski discerned that salt miners working in salt caves had less respiratory issues due to exposure to salt particles.

Salt is an essential compound with naturally occurring antimicrobial properties used to reduce inflammation and take out pollutants and toxins from the lungs. Moreover, salt is rich in negative ions which is more beneficial to human health than positive ions. Positive ions are usually generated by devices which can impair brain function and cause breathing difficulties, while negative ions, such as salts, have positive effects for the health and energy levels.

When you’re exposed in a room with plenty of negative ions from crystals, such as salt crystal lamps, your body can experience relief and relaxation through exposure to these salt particles. Because of this, your body can return to its natural and recharged state, plus a boost in serotonin levels to make you feel lighter and happier.

3. Improve Skin Health and Complexion

Aside from its internal healing capabilities, crystals also have numerous benefits for the skin’s complexion and overall health. This is why crystals have a vital role in the beauty and cosmetics field. However, crystals aren’t viewed with healing potentials in the beauty setting, rather a helpful material to include in beauty and skincare tools such as the cousins: jade rollers and gua shas, which is like a massage therapy compressed into tools.

Jade roller is a roller tool with an elongated crystal at both ends. This tool is among beauty staples which can reduce inflammation and puffiness from the face and increase the effectiveness and absorption of skincare products into the skin by improving blood circulation. Additionally, some people like to pop jade rollers into their fridge for amplified benefits and more cooling effects.

In contrast, gua sha is a massaging tool with Chinese origins. It looks like a flattened stone that exists in various shapes and sizes. If you want to indulge in a more self-care ritual, gua sha is ideal for massaging and contouring the face, relieving muscle tension, and for lymphatic drainage around the jaw and collarbone area.

Many crystals and gemstones such as pearl, amethyst, quartz, citrine, lapis, and diamond has a spot in skincare and cosmetic products, which has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antibacterial, firming, toning, and regenerative properties.

4. Encourage Healing and Positivity

Although there are still debates regarding the use of crystals for health and wellness, there is no doubt that crystals have imposed a placebo effect into people’s minds, and it is not something to label as a deceiving concept. People have wrong assumptions that the placebo effect is synonymous to just “having it all on your head,” but in fact, it is not your body’s fake response but a real and natural biological process that your mind and body is not making up.

Several studies have already shown that telling patients that administering drugs will lessen and ease their pain, they respond twice as better than the expected results of that certain drug. Whether you believe in the true wonders of crystals or not, as long as it gives you the satisfaction and healing that you should get, it still has a significant effect on your emotions. If you feel encouraged and empowered through using crystals, then why would you stop?

Bottom Line

Crystals, as healing materials, are beneficial for your health and wellness through the benefits discussed above. However, they don’t serve as treatment alone but they work better as a supplement to your medical needs. Thus, don’t expect crystals to magically heal you overnight, but use and place it around your home to receive additional benefits in addressing your health issues and improving your overall health and wellness.