Health Benefits of Rosemary

Health Benefits of Rosemary | HealthSoul

Part of the mint family, rosemary is a very flavorful herb that also comes with a number of health benefits. From adding it to soups and stews, you really can’t go wrong with enjoying rosemary. Here are four health benefits of this delicious herb.

Four Health Benefits of Rosemary

 1. Holds Anti-inflammatory Properties

Rosemary is rich in antioxidants as well as anti-inflammatory health benefits to help keep free radicals at bay, and may also help support the immune system, keeping you healthy all year long.

Holds Anti-inflammatory Properties

2 May Boost Digestion

Rosemary is commonly used for digestive health support, including easing gas, and heartburn. It’s an easy herb to add to your diet, so it may add a delicious digestive boost to many recipes.

May Boost Digestion

3 Rosemary May Boost Cognitive Performance

One of the more talked about health benefits of rosemary happens to be the connection between rosemary and cognitive health. Studies have linked the aroma of rosemary to improved concentration. So, even if you don’t eat rosemary, even diffusing rosemary essential oil may help give you a little cognitive boost to help you power through your day.

Rich in important vitamin minerals

4 Rich in Important Vitamin & Minerals

While not as commonly talked about as some of the other health benefits of rosemary, this herb is actually a great source of some important vitamins and minerals. Rosemary is a great source of iron, calcium, and even vitamin B6.

Rosemary may boost cognitive performance

How to Add Rosemary to Your Diet

  • Add rosemary to your favorite homemade soups and stews
  • Make a garlic and rosemary butter with organic pasture-raised butter
  • Add fresh rosemary to homemade salad dressing

Note: Rosemary is extremely fragrant, and a little goes a long way, so use rosemary in moderation!