Health and Safety Tips to Keep in Mind Before Riding a Plane

Health and Safety Tips To Keep In Mind Before Riding A Plane | HealthSoul

People who like traveling may avoid it just because they are afraid of planes. You shouldn’t let anything get in the way of your happiness, even your fear of flying. It is better to educate yourself on the safety measures that you should take to guarantee a safe flight. Moreover, you will need to take care of your health to avoid getting sick on the plane and causing a disturbance for yourself and everyone else.

The following tips may help you get over your fear and give you more confidence to go on a plane. 

Choose Your Clothes Well

It is preferable to wear comfortable clothes that give you room to breathe as you will sit for hours in the same position. They should also allow you to move quickly in case of emergencies. When it comes to materials, cotton or wool blends are great as they are easy on the skin and are flame-retardant so you won’t have to worry about catching fire. Your choice of footwear is important as well, especially if you are a woman because running with heels or flip-flops from a plane is quite difficult. The best choice for men and women alike is loafers.

Mind Your Belongings

We mostly travel with electronics to keep our company during our trip or because we have work to do. You should ride the plane knowing that you risk losing your devices at some point if you’re not alert, so you should keep them close to you and within your sight at all times. However, in case the situation gets out of hand, you should have a backup of your data at home.

Strengthen Your Immune System

Since you will be staying in a closed area for several hours with strangers, you have to be careful because you don’t know what diseases they may carry. That’s why you should strengthen your immune system beforehand by increasing gut flora. For instance, you should take vitamins, eat fruits and vegetables, and pile up on fermented products. However, stop eating dairy products a day before the flight because they can cause gas entrapment.

The advice mentioned above is directed to healthy people with good immunity. On the other hand, medically compromised patients should take extra precautions and take their pills. They should also wear a mask during the whole flight which can be slightly uncomfortable. That being said, the staff at BitLux recommends that people with low immunity should travel on a private jet if they can afford to, or at least opt for seating that isn’t too crowded. This will allow them to have a peaceful journey without worrying about catching a disease that may kill them.

Have an Emergency Bag

The bag you carry with you on the plane should have all of the essentials. It will be considered your run kit in case of emergencies as it should have the indispensable items. For instance, your passport, wallet, cash, medications, and phone should be inside it because they will be a headache to replace if they get lost. It is better to wear it throughout the flight so it will be easier for you to get up and running. Your luggage shouldn’t interfere with your moving speed nor in the way of the flight attendants. That’s why it should be small and doesn’t annoy other passengers nor interfere with the function of your seatbelt.

Listen Carefully to the Precautions

The instructions at the beginning of the trip may be boring and disturbing, but you will be thankful that you listened in case of emergencies. Even if you heard them a thousand times, you should pay attention because each plane is different. For instance, the exit, oxygen mask locations, and seat layouts vary. You should also notice when to buckle your seatbelt, and it’s better to keep it on the whole flight. It may be slightly annoying but it is better to be safe than comfortable at all times.

Stay Hydrated

Drinking plenty of water should be a habit because of the unlimited benefits of staying hydrated. You should do that before you get on the plane and in the days before your trip. On the other hand, you should limit your caffeine intake because it is a diuretic that will make you go to the bathroom more frequently. Avoid drinking alcohol as well because it causes dehydration, bloating, and generally make you not yourself, which may cause a problem in case of evacuation. You need to be alert at all times to be able to act appropriately to ensure everyone’s safety.

Stay Hydrated



Flying is one of the joys in life and you should be able to enjoy it at least once in your lifetime. We know that accidents take place, but by being careful you will reduce the consequences drastically. You should be well-prepared before hopping on a plane and think of all of the outcomes to take some safety measures. The above tips may help lower your anxiety and make your next flight as safe as possible.