Great Practical Gift Ideas For Your Senior Loved Ones

Great Practical Gift Ideas For Your Senior Loved Ones | HealthSoul

Elderly people have more than likely received a lifetime of gifts already and as one age our ideas of what a valuable gift it is likely to change.

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to gift-giving, so we have categorized a few different practical gifts that are suitable to the different levels of activity when it comes to your elderly loved ones.

Gifts for Seniors Who Live a More Sedate Lifestyle

Plenty of seniors love to sit in a comfortable chair or on the sofa and watch TV, which is fine. They’ve lived a long life and are tired. For those who do spend lots of time watching TV, exercising and moving around become especially important. Hours of sitting in one position can lead to circulation problems and other health issues for older people, so it’s important to encourage walking, if possible.

Fashionable Compression Socks and Low Impact Exercise Equipment

People who spend all day on their feet love these socks. They are incredibly comfortable, so the older adult in your life will love them, too. These fun, fashionable compression socks will help your loved one with their circulation.

Another thing that helps with circulation is exercise. It’s important to stay fit, and it is especially crucial for seniors to help prevent heart conditions and other things that come with age. There are plenty of low-impact fitness equipment options out there. Finding the right equipment will help your loved ones enjoy exercise again and become more mobile.

A Mobility Scooter

A mobility scooter is an excellent tool for less mobile loved ones who struggle to get around and to have their independence. A Mobility Scooter EWheels ew-18 stand-n-ride 3-wheel mobility scooter is an excellent option as it is simple, compact, and is even capable of carrying up to 300lbs. It is a great low-emission ride for both indoor and outdoor spaces with a top speed of 15 miles per hour.

Personal Emergency Response Systems

Personal emergency response systems are getting more sophisticated and more common. Fall detection wristbands and pendants can be pressed during emergencies to alert family members or medical responders.

Gifts for Seniors Who Travel

Travel gear is a great option for older relatives as traveling can be uncomfortable for anyone. Seniors face different challenges when they fly or take a train, especially if they require additional oxygen. Choosing gifts that help elderly family members travel in comfort and style will make their trip a little bit easier.

Smartphones for Seniors

Phones are not only important for keeping connected socially but are also important for safety. Smartphones for seniors have large buttons, simple menus, voice typing, and safety features, all of which are options on a normal smartphone but are optimized on a smartphone for seniors.

Adult Coloring Books

Colouring is back, but it’s not just for kids. Adults all over the world are getting into intricate coloring and paint by number books made for adults. Coloring books can also help pass the time during long hours at the airport terminal or train station, even on the plane or while on a long drive.

Gifts for Seniors Who Like to Entertain

If your parents, grandparents, or other older adults in your life enjoy having company over, give them a gift that will help make it easier for them to host social gatherings. Whether it’s cooking or sharing photos to tell stories, gifting them with something that will help them do that is a great way to show you care.

Tablets and iPads

These all-in-one devices are great. Accessibility features help make them easier for the elderly to use. Social connection is important for elders, and a quick tutorial on both Kindle and an iPad or tablet might leave you surprised by how savvy your senior loved ones can be.

Kitchens Essentials Set

There are kitchen sets that cater to seniors with arthritic conditions. Ergonomic kitchen gadgets are a great gift for the independent seniors in your life. These tools make cooking much easier, so they are perfect for someone who has reduced dexterity but loves to cook.

Gift Certificates, or Home Delivery

Gift Certificates, or Home Delivery

If your loved one is still independent, gift certificates to grocery stores and restaurants alleviate some financial strain, allowing the senior an entertaining lunch or evening out for a special dining experience. You could even have a restaurant deliver to them. It’s just a phone call away. Tasty meal options are a lovely gift.

Now that you have been exposed to a few ideas about what a great practical gift is, get shopping and ready to spoil your loved one with something they can really use and will appreciate.