Four Most Common Reasons for Night Sweats

Four Most Common Reasons for Night Sweats | HealthSoul

Sweating isn’t a bad thing. It’s part of the cooling system of our body. However, you need to be worried if it becomes excessive. If you continue waking up with extreme sweating, despite sleeping in an air-conditioned room, it is imperative to go and check with a doctor. Here are a few common issues that cause night sweats:


Anyone with a severe anxiety disorder can witness night sweats. However, sweating is not just limited to when you’re sleeping. Many complain about sweating when they’re awake and sitting in an air-conditioned room. Around 40 million people in the United States suffer from anxiety and depression every year. This staggering figure is enough to safely assume that it is one of the most common reasons people suffer from night sweats.

Alcohol Addiction

Binge drinkers frequently experience night sweats. Alcohol affects every part of our body.  It has been proven to widen blood vessels in the skin, which can trigger perspiration. Many people face rough night sweats when they haven’t had alcohol recently. It is one of the withdrawal symptoms that make it difficult to get out of the addiction.

Alcohol intolerance is also one of the reasons for night sweats. It is caused by a genetic mutation that leaves you unable to break down the toxins in alcohol. Not to forget, drug addiction can also cause night sweating. In severe cases, night sweating could be an indicator of a prospective heart stroke.

Menopause & Andropause

This condition can affect both men and women. Andropause may bother older men, resulting in a decrease in the testosterone level. Contrary to this, menopause occurs in women when they can’t have their periods. However, not every man and woman will experience this issue. Night sweating is one of the strong symptoms of menopause. Most doctors recommend the use of Estradiol. However, it is best to learn about the Estradiol side effects before using it.

High Blood Pressure

Also known as hypertension, this problem has already claimed the lives of millions across the globe. High blood pressure is known as a silent killer and can cause health conditions like kidney failure, lung damage, heart stroke, permanent blindness, and miscarriages. People who suffer from high blood pressure often complain about night sweating. High blood pressure causes a high heart rate that causes sweating.