Five Skin Benefits Of The Brazil Nut Tree

Five Skin Benefits Of The Brazil Nut Tree | HealthSoul

If you lead a healthy lifestyle, or you thought about leading one, then you have definitely heard about Brazil nuts. Growing in the forest of Amazon, and in addition to being delicious, they have proved to have many health benefits. As you can see here, the popularity of Brazil nuts has to do more with health and less with the taste.

Today, however, I’m not going to talk to you about this delicious, healthy food. There is something more to this amazing tree. The oil extracted from it has shown to be useful for our skin. Full of vitamins and minerals, the oil can treat various conditions, as well as keep healthy skin healthy for a long time.

Many manufacturers have recognized the benefits of this tree and decided to make creams and moisturizers with the oil extracts. When you come across a product with that ingredient, you probably wonder what it is exactly that you can expect from it. Let me explain the benefits of this ingredient to you, so the next time you decide to buy a skin product, you will look for one containing this oil.

It Alleviates Dryness

Many people are struggling with dry skin and they can’t seem to find a way to resolve that issue. A lot of products can temporarily alleviate dryness, but as soon as you stop using them, everything goes back to how it was before. While there is nothing wrong with that, you definitely want to find a more permanent solution.

Zinc, vitamin E and omega 3 fat acids found in the Brazil nut tree are perfect for treating dry skin and keeping it fresh, moisturized and well-hydrated. The oil can help with itchiness and cracked heels, but it can also prevent psoriasis and eczema. This means that it is beneficial not only for your face, but for the skin of your whole body.

It Makes Your Skin Glow

This oil is also rich in selenium, which is responsible for speeding the cell turnover process and providing your skin with a healthy glow. If you have ever heard of glutathione, you know that it fights free radicals and prevents damaging. The oil is known for enhancing the production of glutathione. All of that leads to healthy-looking, spotless skin.

It Slows Down The Ageing Process

No, the Brazil nut tree won’t make you any younger, but it will certainly make you look young and fresh. By increasing collagen production, the oil will give your skin a firm and smooth texture. Applying it regularly before going to bed will make a huge difference and help you achieve that shiny complexion you have been dreaming of.

It Treats Acne and Inflammation

If you are struggling with acne and inflammation, I have no doubt that you have tried a lot of different products. There are all kinds of reasons for acne and inflammation to appear, as well as all kinds of acne types. These symptoms can sometimes be a sign of an underlying health issue that you need to uncover and treat.

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No matter the reason, however, the oil extracted from the Brazil nut tree can help. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. That makes it highly beneficial for reducing redness and treating inflammation and acne. Furthermore, it prevents further appearance of acne by flushing out the toxins from your body.

It Treats Sun Spots

Sunspots are one of the most recurring problems that our skin is struggling with on a regular basis. No matter how hard you try to avoid the sun and don’t expose yourself to it, the truth is that you cannot protect yourself completely. Staying clear of the sun is practically impossible, which is why, if you are prone to it, you will definitely develop sunspots.

There is a way to treat them, though, and it has to do with the tree that grows in Amazon. The oil found in this tree and used in the production of many different creams and moisturizers was proved to have a positive impact on sunspots. By treating them, it makes your skin smoother and gives you an even complexion.