Five Reasons to Have a Hair Transplant in Turkey

Five Reasons to Have a Hair Transplant in Turkey | HealthSoul

Turkey was an important historical civilization, and nowadays it has become a modern hub for medical tourists. It is a world-leader in a number of treatments, with the standard of healthcare in Turkey comparable to leading nations around Europe. Additionally, it is much more affordable than western nations, especially for treatments such as hair transplants, and you could save money by undergoing treatment at a hair transplant clinic in Turkey as opposed to the UK.

The Hair Transplant Procedure

Hair transplantation has positive effects on people with premature hair loss or hair loss caused by a medical condition. It cures the baldness with a transplant that often incorporates natural hair donated by others. The outcome of the treatment relies, to a large extent, on the skills of the surgeon so selecting a high-quality surgeon is imperative. Turkey is a world-leader on hair transplants, with surgeons having years of experience.

How Much Can You Save?

The foremost reason you should travel to Istanbul for a hair transplant is the money you can save. The average price of the procedure in Turkey is £1,900, which is approximately 70% of what you would spend in the UK. In London, Liverpool, or Leeds you could pay more than £6,500 for the treatment, with some treatments costing up to £30,000. These savings will more than offset the cost of traveling to and staying in Turkey.

Note: the prices above are approximate. Please check our current prices for your selected clinic for estimated costs of treatment.

Recommended and Affordable Clinics

Turkey is home to clinics with modern facilities offering world-class amenities that are equal to any clinic in Europe. The low cost of living in Turkey means that the clinicians can afford to charge less as they have lower salaries, rents, and other costs.

Clinics have the latest equipment for performing cosmetic procedures, and the clinicians are experts at using them as they perform so many operations. Hair transplants in Turkey are safe and the following clinics have been highly recommended by past patients:

Turkey for Tourists

Turkey is a popular tourist destination that attracts hundreds of thousands of people every year to its rich heritage and incredible sightseeing experiences. You can spend your time in Turkey, before and after the procedure, exploring the best of what the country offers, which could either be the sights or the beach.

There are a number of precautions you should take as a hair transplant can be painful. If you get affected by hot weather in Turkey you can schedule your trip during the winter months. If you love the sun, remember to plan for sunbathing and water sports before the treatment as they will be off-limits post-surgery.

Getting Started

Turkey is a world-leading destination for hair transplants due to the quality of care and low cost of treatment. Book an appointment online or contact the customer care team to find out more information.