Fitness Tips: Why Playing Golf Is Good For Your Health

Fitness Tips_ Why Playing Golf Is Good For Your Health | HealthSoul

Unlike any other sport, golf doesn’t require any strenuous activity like jumping, running, or jogging, and it could even be played without keeping scores at all. So whether you are a 12-year-old pre-teen or a 58-year-old adult, as long as you can walk, you can play golf. It is also very beneficial for your mind and body. Have you ever heard about the benefits of playing golf? No? No worries, here is a list of the benefits you should know about.

1.  Golf is Good for Your Mind

According to recent data published by Roy Morgan Research, golf reduces the risk of developing mental health issues like anxiety, depression, and panic disorders. Generally,  while playing outside surrounded by nature, your endorphin and serotonin levels rise significantly, resulting in less stress and more relaxation.

2.  It Helps You Get Vitamin D

Let’s face it! As we are all always stuck in air-conditioned offices surrounded by paperwork and big screens, there is barely any chance of getting the natural vitamins our bodies need. Golf allows us to get the vitamins even our air-conditioned gyms can’t help us with. These days, Vitamin D deficiency is almost a prominent issue amongst all ages, especially after COVID-19 forced many of us to stay at home for prolonged periods. Now that restrictions are easing everywhere, it is time to pick up that golf club and start playing!

3.  It Helps You Live Longer

A study found out that golf increases life expectancy by up to 7 years, especially for older players. Doctors always advise their older patients to exercise to avoid health complications. Golf combines both exercise and nature, making it an enticing solution for elders who need a change of scenery.

4.  It Helps You Burn Calories

Walking an entire golf course of 18 holes can help you burn at least 1000 calories. The golf enthusiasts at say a single swing counts as a full-body exercise, so get those joints moving! While that might not count as a lot compared to other sports, following a good diet and playing golf at least 3 times per week is enough to keep you fit.

5.  It Improves Your Vision

Did you know that a golf ball could travel faster than the fastest car you have ever driven? With constant training and a solid foundation, you can easily swing a ball at 340 Km/hr. Can you imagine training your eyes to follow a ball that moves at this speed over a 500-meter wide land? That’s not an easy task! It requires excellent vision, precision, and training, which are not easily achieved.

6.  It is a Low-Risk Sport

Everything in golf can be adjusted to match your fitness level, even the intensity of your swing and your posture. With the correct training, golf is a sport with very low injury possibilities as it doesn’t add much stress to your joints or muscles. Moreover, if you feel off one day, even walking can be avoided, as you can simply ride a golf car to your next hole.

7.  It Trains Your Brain

Your brain requires training just like any muscle, but that doesn’t have to be through puzzles and confusing mazes. Golf is a mental sport as well. An entire 18-hole golf course requires a full day of calculating distances, wind strength, and even swing force. That sure is a lot of calculations for a sport that looks so simple.

8.  It Helps You Sleep Well

Say goodbye to those long sleepless nights; it is time to golf! After a stressful day at work, many of us find it hard to relax and go to sleep at home. However, studies show that golf helps relieve stress and acts as a form of meditation for those stressed from everyday life. This means if you wish to sleep like a baby, head to a golf course and enjoy a night snuggled in bed with nothing to disturb your sleep.

We’re always looking for the best way to stay healthy and fit, and for some of us, going to the gym is just not an option we’d like to consider. Always remember that golf is a social sport; that’s one of its therapeutic benefits, so enjoy your time playing with others and socialize as much as you can. Don’t forget that any sport requires the correct equipment and training, so although golf might sound like the most accessible sport on earth, keep the basics in mind. Your equipment matters a lot if you wish to improve at golf, therefore, ask your trainer to recommend good brands to you.