First Steps After You File A Personal Injury Claim

First Steps After You File A Personal Injury Claim | HealthSoul

You have just filed an insurance claim for a recent car accident, and you are wondering what you should do next. It can help you know the overall process of an insurance claim and what you should do to make things go smoothly.

When you initially file the claim, the representative you talk to will ask you a series of questions about the collision. They may ask to tape-record the call,  but you do not have to let them.

They will put your information into their system, and it will be assigned to an adjuster. Each state allows a certain amount of time for the insurance company to get back to you to acknowledge your claim or begin working on it. For example, the State of Florida requires that adjusters begin their investigation within ten days of your contacting them.

Fill out Your Paperwork

The insurance company will then mail you some paperwork to fill out. They will ask you to present them with all the evidence that you have for your claim. You will want to provide them with the names of any witnesses that saw the accident, and as well as the name and insurance information of the other driver. You will also want to provide them with any pictures that you have of the crash.

You will provide the insurance company with a copy of every medical bill that you get in relation to your accident. You should also provide them with copies of receipts from any prescription or non-prescription medication that you may have taken.

You should get a letter from your employer stating how many hours of work your injuries have caused you to miss. You should also document any expenses you have for cleaning services or Uber rides needed because of your injury.

You will need to provide them with an appraisal of damages to your car. They may contact your auto body shop for confirmation.

Pay your Deductable

It is a good idea to pay your deductibles for your insurance at this time. Some insurance companies will ask that you pay your deductible before they issue a settlement.

The Insurance Company Will Investigate

The insurance adjuster will investigate your claim. They will get back to you with either a denial or an acceptance of the claim. If the claim is accepted, they will make you a settlement offer. In most cases, their first offer will be less than what you should really receive.

Hire an Attorney

If the insurance company tries to lowball you, you can hire a personal injury attorney to negotiate with them on your behalf. A trained attorney should be able to get you a higher settlement. If they are not able to get an amount of money that is acceptable to you, you can file a lawsuit.

Obtaining Lawsuit Funding

The wheels of justice are slow to turn in the United States. It may take a long time for a settlement in a personal injury suit to be agreed upon.

You will still have to go on paying bills until you get your settlement. There are companies that will lend you money in anticipation of an insurance settlement. Getting a personal injury loan is easier than you might think. It only takes a day or two to get such a loan.  The best thing about these kinds of loans is that you will not have to pay them back unless you are victorious.

Having an accident is never fun. Taking the proper steps when filing an insurance claim will help to ensure that you get the money you need to go on with your normal life.