Fat Freezing Machines

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Fat freezing machines are used to kill fat cells on the targeted body organs. The devices involve the use of low temperatures to freeze the fat cells. The fat freezing gadgets are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for healthy slimming purposes.

Safety tips before using the machine

Ensure your skin is not sensitive

Fat freezing machines like this uses extremely low temperatures, and you need to ensure that your skin surface can withstand. If you have a condition that makes you allergic to cold temperatures, ensure you avoid the fat freezing machines.

Use in the correct body parts

The manufacturer indicates the specific parts you can use the machine. The FDA has approved the use of those parts due to its safety. Thus, ensure you strictly use the machine in those parts such as the abdomen, legs, arms, thighs, among others.

Follow the instruction

They are various instructions for the use of the machine. Some of the guidelines involve how to fix the device on your body correctly. To ensure safety and excellent output, you need to adhere to the instructions strictly.

Apply glycerin sheet

A glycerin sheet is placed between the machine and the body surface. The layer aims to prevent your skin surfaces from clod burns. You need to ensure you properly attach the glycerin sheet while using the fat freezing machine.

Also, the gel packs used during the procedure should be placed in a freezer before their use. It enables the achieving of cold temperatures that are required during the fat freezing procedure.

Use for the recommended time

The duration of use for the machine varies from 30 minutes to one hour. Most manufacturers recommend this duration as it is adequate to kill all fat cells present in the body properly without causing harm to adjacent cells.

How do the Fat Freezing Machines Work?

Fat Freezing

Fat freezing, also known as CoolSculpting, is the freezing fat cells in the targeted area. The machine has cold temperatures that will enable sufficient cooling of the fat cells. However, the cold stimulus is only directed to the fat cells and does not damage surrounding tissues.

Once the fat cells are frozen, they die or reduce in number. The dead cells are then taken by various excretory organs and eliminated from the body.

Cold Thermogenesis

Cold thermogenesis aims at increasing the fat metabolism of the targeted body area. The process helps to reduce thick reservoirs of fats in the body and will enable you to lose weight faster. The fat-freezing procedure might be progressive as it is impossible to burn huge chunks of fat within a short duration. The process only targets the fat cells and will not facilitate the metabolism of other cells.

Bottom line

Fat freezing machines like this are ideal for non-invasive fat reductions on targeted body parts. They are a safe alternative for liposuction in that they leave no scars and are painless. Also, the machines reduce fat proportionally. However, if you are allergic to cold temperatures, you should avoid using these machines.