Everything You Need to Know About Air Medical Escort

Everything You Need to Know About Air Medical Escort | HealthSoul

Sickness doesn’t see your situation and surroundings before grabbing you. Anyone can get directly ill abroad to the point that staying there becomes impossible. The mere thought of it is so terrifying, but what if it actually happens to you or your loved one? You can’t think of asking them to take a flight all alone when you know that any medical emergency can erupt during the trip. That’s where you think of hiring an air ambulance. But you know, it is way too expensive, and everyone can’t afford it. What if I tell you that you have the option to bring your loved one from abroad under full medical supervision without going bankrupt? Yes, I am talking about air medical escort that is a relief for people who need medical assistance to travel.

If you don’t know anything about this, here is what you need to know:

What is Air Medical Escort?

Unlike air ambulance, medical escort facility is not about hiring a separate airplane. It helps you travel by air in a commercial plane in the supervision of a medical professional. It is one of the most cost-effective ways to reach your destination, even if you are facing a medical condition. In fact, sometimes governments also cover up the expenses of the medical escort if the case is of special nature.

You can choose the seats as per your budget or liking, but whichever seats you choose, the medical attendant sits with the patient. However, most of the time, medical escorts only like to carry non-emergency patients because emergency cases are risky, and no one likes to come under any trouble in case things go wrong during the flight.

How does Medical Escort help?

A medical escort is fully responsible for taking medical care of the patient. The escort crew includes people who are fully trained and equipped to handle non-emergency patients. They have essential medical equipment, like CPR apparatus, monitoring systems, and other equipment to take care of the patient and provide medical assistance when needed.

The assisting crew is not alone, and they try to keep in touch with the qualified doctors in case they need any guidance and instruction of an expert. Patient’s safety is their duty, so sometimes, they also keep other doctors on the standby to tackle any mid-flight emergency.

What to do before asking for help?

You have to be clear of the patient’s situation before contacting the medical escort service, like medicaltransportservices.com. You have to tell them precisely what is the problem and what kind of assistance do you need? Only then will they be able to provide the best medical care. Like, some patients are in a condition where they can’t bear the jerks during the take-off and take-down. So, the crew has to creatively figure out the way to hold on to the patient.

When Does Their Work End?

The medical escort team’s work is not constraint until the landing of the plane. The team is responsible for escorting the patient to their living place. In other words, a medical escort is all about safely carrying the patient from the destination to their home. There work doesn’t end until they ensure that the patient is in the safe hands at his/her home.