Drinking Alcohol: What To Replace It With For A No-Hangover Morning

Drinking Alcohol What To Replace It With For A No - Hangover Morning | HealthSoul

Before you dive into this article, I want to make one thing perfectly clear, so that you don’t get any kinds of wrong expectations from this read. Basically, I am not here to talk about alcohol addiction or similar stuff. That is a serious topic that does require everyone’s attention, but it is not what I am going to be addressing today. So, when I mention drinking alcohol here, what I have in mind is that social gathering with your friends during which you will certainly have a few cocktails or some other favorite drinks of yours.

Yet, even those occasional drinks can cause hangovers the next morning and that has led to all of us saying at least once: “I will never drink again”. Still, when there’s a new party and a new cause for celebration, you give in to the temptation and get a few drinks once again, leading to another morning of feeling agitated, having an upset stomach, headaches and whatnots. While you like the parties and the drinks, you certainly cannot stand the hangovers, which is why you will probably search for more info on how to cure them the next day.

What if I told you, though, that you could avoid those hangovers altogether, while still being able to enjoy certain drinks that will act just like alcohol and have the same effects on your brain? In other words, what if there were a miracle drink that could get you more relaxed, help you be more social and loosen up your inhibitions quite a bit, but without actually leading you towards feeling awful the next day? Sounds like something out of a fairytale, am I right?

Well, I can understand your reluctance to believe this, but there actually is such a drink. Of course, it doesn’t really come from a fairytale and it most certainly isn’t magical, but its composition can achieve the effects mentioned above, i.e. get you sort of drunk but without causing hangovers the next day. To put things simply, there is something that you can replace alcohol with. It will make you feel just as good, while eliminating the bad.

By this point, you probably think that I am either joking with you or that I am trying to sell you a certain drink that will most likely not be able to meet your expectations after the hype that I have created above. But, I am doing none of those things. I am simply trying to get you acquainted with a beverage that you could replace alcohol with if you are tired of those hangovers and if you never want to feel them again in your lifetime. So, let’s have a look at the beverage that I am referring to and thus help you understand this much better.

Kava Is The Magical Word

The drink that I am here to talk about today is called “kava” and it is a traditional beverage in Fiji. If you have ever been there, then you were probably offered this drink at parties or any types of social gatherings. Given that it is offered at parties, people tend to immediately assume that it is basically the same as alcohol, meaning that you should get a comparison of Kava vs alcohol, so that you can learn about the differences and figure out precisely what this particular beverage has to offer.

Let us start with the basics here. There is a plant called Piper methysticum that lives in the Pacific Ocean and it is the main ingredient of kava. Before they are mixed into water, the roots of this plant are previously dried and then crushed, which gives it a nice texture and an amazing flavor. Apart from being an exotic drink that you will definitely try if you visit Fiji or some other exotic places, it can also be used as a sort of a natural remedy and a type of medicine.

This is precisely why people have started turning the plant into a supplement. So, nowadays you can buy kava in the form of a capsule and consume it as a supplement that can be helpful for various different medical conditions and all kinds of irritating symptoms that might come with some of those conditions. Yet, today we are sticking with the drink and, as mentioned above, we are here to compare the effects of this beverage to alcohol, so that you can clearly understand how it can work as a replacement.

It Has Similar Effects

First things first, let us talk about the effects of this plant that are similar to alcohol. As I have previously explained, the drink is also served at parties and used to help you get relaxed and lower your inhibitions. In few words, it gives you practically the same buzz as alcohol does, which makes it the perfect celebratory beverage. For those people who need a bit of a push in order to be friendly and social at certain gatherings, kava can be of great help. It might even turn you into a social butterfly if that’s what you are aiming at. Read more about it here: https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/kava-kava

Apart from the things mentioned above, kava comes with a few more benefits as well. It can help keep your anxiety in check and it is even known for assisting people in getting a good night’s sleep. Women in particular love it because it has proved to be able to reduce the symptoms of PMS.

Yet, It Comes With A Huge Difference

We cannot fail to mention, though, that kava is different from alcohol in one specific, important thing. In simple words, it doesn’t cause hangovers and it doesn’t lead to you feeling bad after consuming it. This is why a lot of people are replacing alcohol with it and it’s also probably why it has become one of the most popular drinks at social gatherings these days. So, give it a try and see what happens and how you like it.