Deciding Whether or Not To Travel For Rehab

Deciding Whether or Not To Travel For Rehab | HealthSoul


For some people who go into rehab, they may still fail to stay sober despite the rehab program. This might not be due to the program, but rather the location of the facility. The location of the rehab center can play an important role in the recovery process. This is because rehab requires a conducive environment for long-term healing, which may not be available in the local environment where the addict is undergoing rehab. As such, people who are thinking of rehab should also consider the location of their treatment facility and consider traveling to get to a rehab center that is better suited to their needs. The traveling can be to another city far away, or can even be across states and countries. Different rehab centers have different programs, therapies, environments, and types of services provided. Traveling for rehab can come with many benefits and can immensely help an addict on his journey towards recovery.

The Pros of Traveling For Rehab

In some areas, the local rehab center is unable to provide good quality treatment facilities and provide individualized attention. This is especially prevalent in areas that have a small population. Traveling to another area, like a different city or state, can be beneficial in helping an addict stay sober if they have better treatment facilities. If you are open to traveling to get a better rehab experience, you are opening up tens of thousands of options for your journey of healing. There are two main advantages to traveling for rehab:

1. A fresh start

When one begins rehab, they are looking to start over and regain control over their lives. By going away for rehab, it signals a fresh start as the addict is less exposed to the same environment in which they abused drugs or alcohol. The psychological effect of moving away can play a huge role in inspiring addicts to progress towards recovery and to get better. Furthermore, a fresh environment, like one at The Beach Rehab Center can prove to be extremely beneficial during the recovery process as well.

2. Nobody really knows you

Since addiction is stigmatized in society, many addicts are fearful of judgment, criticism, and even rejection from friends and family that can come when they seek out professional treatment for their addiction. That is why moving away can be good for them. By moving away, they get more privacy and nobody really knows who they are. This can help them start on a good note and work towards recovery.

Be sure to get into contact with the person in charge at your treatment facility to clear your doubts and any questions before embarking on your journey away from home.

The Pros of Traveling for Rehab

The Cons of Traveling For Rehab

Although there are advantages to traveling away from home for rehab, there are some disadvantages too. This is dependent on the individual and their circumstances surrounding rehab. Rehab away from home can add further stress for individuals who are emotionally dependent on their families for support and care. When an individual is in rehab far away from home, it will be hard for family members and loved ones to provide the necessary support and love to help the addict through the treatment process.

Furthermore, it can also pose challenges for the therapist to set up an aftercare plan for the addict in his or her hometown since they are located further away and are unfamiliar with the local environment. When placed in a treatment facility in a different area, the other patients that are also present will come from different parts of the country or around the world. This can cause problems as there is a lack of a strong local support system to facilitate recovery progress and provide emotional comfort. In the advanced stages of recovery, most programs encourage involving family or loved ones. This will not be possible if an addict undergoes rehab far away from home.

Another factor to consider is access to insurance. Some insurance providers do not cover addiction treatment options that are away from home. This means that some individuals may suffer from a lack of insurance coverage if they choose to travel for rehab. This can be costly as they will have to pay for everything on their own. If unsure, it is best to contact the insurance company to clarify the options available for rehab programs and centers across the country and states.

The Good Part About Going To Rehab Near Home

Local rehab centers are not all bad either. The main benefit of going to a local rehab is that it is more affordable. You can save money while being close to your loved ones. When you decide to travel for rehab, the costs incurred are not only limited to the rehab program but also involve things like plane tickets and accommodation before starting on the rehab programs. Therefore, the biggest advantage of going to a local rehab is that it is more financially viable and sustainable.

The Good Part About Going to Rehab Near Home

The Bad Part About Going To Rehab Near Home

However, there are some disadvantages to choosing a local rehab facility. The most prominent one that causes an issue for addicts struggling with rehab is that it is much harder to stay clean and sober after completing the treatment. This is because it is easy to fall into the same routine, in the same environment, and fall prey to the negative influences that caused the addiction problem in the first place. Even if a patient completes the rehab, they are very likely to bump into their previous drug dealers or friends that take drugs in the local environment. This can be problematic and cause a high chance of relapse, putting their previous efforts at rehab all to waste.


Traveling to rehab away from home can definitely be beneficial and provides more options for a person who has an addiction. With more varied options, they can also choose to go for better quality treatment programs that can help them recover better. However, it can be costly and unsustainable. Before embarking on the rehab journey, it is important to weigh the pros and cons of staying local or going away before deciding which option is better for you.