Debunking the 3 Common Low Testosterone Myths

Debunking the 3 Common Low Testosterone Myths | HealthSoul

Do you often find yourself struggling with unexplained low energy? There are high chances that your issue could be hypogonadism which is often known as low testosterone. While it might affect a few percent within the society, there’s an unprecedented misconception that keeps on getting perpetrated due to misinformation. It’d be better to separate the low testosterone myths from the facts to know what it is and how to go about it.

Low Testosterone is a Monotonous Part of Being Old

To most people, they have believed that low testosterone is part of the aging process. With such misinformation, most have boycotted getting treatment as well as the care they need. While it might be affected by aging to some extent, some persons experience low levels of testosterone while in their healthy ranges.

It’d help if you kept watching for any unexplained fatigue, muscle mass loss as well as reduced exercise tolerance. If you experience any of this, you need to go for testosterone blood testing to rule out any medical condition.

It’s Safe to Order for Testosterone Supplements via the Internet

While most people would like to keep their low testosterone issue on the down-low, they prefer keeping it a secret. While it might be convenient to order or the supplements online, you ought to remember a certified physician can only prescribe that controlled medication. It’s to avoid any risk complications that might arise due to the wrong prescription. You should be aware that excess testosterone might result in increased blood clots, enlarged breasts, or even stroke. Therefore, you need to approach your urologist first to get the appropriate diagnosis. It’s also a chance to rule out any medical condition that you might be having.

The Testosterone Replacement Boosts Sperm Counts

Here’s another completely spread myth that is far from the truth. The replacement of testosterone hardly boosts one’s, sperm count. Instead, the medication often reduces one’s, sperm count. One can partake in testosterone replacement therapy by choosing an option they are most comfortable with at all times. You either select from injections, patches, pills, cream, and gel.

The therapy reduces severe fatigue that one might have. It’s also an excellent booster for one’s energy, mood as well as libido. Other fascinating advantages include increased bone density and muscle strength. While undergoing through therapy, patience is of the utmost value as the effects might take longer to manifest. However, one will have their testosterone back to normal over a while.

If you are worried about worsened urinary health problems, you don’t have to be. Testosterone replacement therapy is relatively safe and doesn’t affect one’s urinary health. Therefore, you can go ahead and book for the TRT if your doctor recommends it to stay healthy.

When you are experiencing low energy problems, it’s essential to go for testosterone blood testing to know the best route forward. Don’t be scared about the outcome as your doctor will advise accordingly. However, don’t wallow in silent pain while a doctor can get to ascertain what’s happening within your body and prescribe the best treatment.