Dealing with muscle pain? Red maeng da kratom powder can help

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Maeng Da is an effective strain of kratom that helps in reducing anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and stress levels in the body. Earlier it was used as a home remedy for resolving health problems like cough and cold. Many people chew down the leaves directly, while others use crushed kratom leaves in their morning tea.

With time different types of Maeng Da were introduced in the market – Red, green, and white Maeng da. With varying proportions of kratom, each variety has its benefits. The increased awareness about the benefits of using Kratom intrigued the manufacturers of infusing kratom in chewing gums, capsules, and pills. The best red Maeng Da Kratom powder is easily available online.

What is Kratom?

Kratom is a tropical plant grown in Southeast Asia. It is a relative of the coffee plant. Kratom is mainly native to Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar, and Malaysia. Sharing a relationship with the caffeine family, kratom has certain stimulant effects such as alertness, sociability, boosted energy, and increased focus.

It is a relatively new compound that has been introduced to researchers. In-depth studies are still required to establish the therapeutic benefits of kratom for human health. To date, researchers could only study the effects of kratom on animals. Human trials are yet to be conducted under a controlled environment. The reports of people who used it as a home remedy are recorded and investigated. It requires a lot of time to establish the long-term effects on the body, especially on the foot and ankle.

How does Red Maeng Da Kratom powder help?

The presence of high alkaloids in red maeng da helps in reducing stress, muscle pain, tiredness, and chronic pain. It is similar to the morphine present in pain relief spray or gel. Red maeng da usually does not produce any adverse effect on the body. Lower consumption of red maeng da does not cause dizziness in the body. Though morphine is considered a prescribed drug by doctors, red maeng da is more beneficial when compared to the former compound.

Work from home during the pandemic has become a major cause of back pain in adults. Failure to maintain a proper body posture or increased working hours has resulted in inflammation of the muscles, leading to back pain. Daily usage of red maeng da has helped immensely reduce pain in the lower back and inflammation of the joints.

Researchers have found out that the anti-inflammatory properties of red maeng da help in dealing with stress disorders and the associated muscle pain in the body. Thus, it has become a one-stop solution in reducing muscle pain and anxiety.

How does Red Maeng Da work?

The effects of red Maeng da kratom can be compared to opioids and stimulants. The mitragynine and 7-a-hydroxy mitragynine present in kratom cooperate with the opioid cells of the brain and produce a sensation of sedation, pleasure, and ease in pain. These effects are usually noticed in people who consume greater amounts of the compound. Maeng da releases caffeine in the body from time to time which ensures long-lasting energy and focus.

People who consume lower doses of kratom report better results when compared to people who consume greater doses of maeng da kratom powder. Reportedly, higher doses can cause euphoria and sedation that might last up to 6 hours.

Side effects of using red Maeng da kratom:

Some people who consume kratom regularly manifest the below-mentioned side effects like:

  • Nausea
  • Itching
  • Dry mouth
  • Sweating
  • Constipation
  • Frequent urination
  • Loss of appetite
  • Seizures
  • Hallucinations

If you observe any such effects in your body, do not hesitate to consult your doctor. Persisting manifestation of such symptoms can cause severe health hazards in the longer run.

Can you even overdose on kratom?

According to a survey conducted by clinical toxicology, several people had lost their life after ingesting too much kratom powder. The National Poison Data System reported 11 deaths between 2011 to 2017 due to kratom exposure. A point should be noted here that 9 of the mentioned deaths included the participant’s use of any other drug like alcohol, caffeine, or cocaine. The remaining two were only consuming kratom.

In 2017, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reported 44 deaths due to kratom use, amongst which one was due to the use of pure kratom. The death of other people was because of using kratom powder with other potent substances like illicit drugs and opioids or using over-the-counter medicines like cough syrup.

Additionally, there have been reports regarding adulteration of other substances with kratom powder while packaging. Several people had countered death due to the unknown toxins. People should be careful enough before purchasing any kratom product. Look for a trusted source and reliable vendors. Re-check with the lab tests and ingredients, and if required, talk to your health care provider before consuming kratom with other drugs.

Overall, it must be said…

The controversies regarding kratom would exist till researchers produce effective studies about its health benefits with evident proves. We can only provide you with facts and figures related to the existing investigations, surveys, and reports. You are the best one to judge whether you want to consume kratom or not.

It is suggested that if you wish to enter into the world of kratom, start with lower doses. Even doctors suggest that smaller doses are most effective. Comprehend the research and effects of kratom before deciding anything.

The drug is not yet approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA); hence none of the doctors outside the United States can prescribe you to use kratom. However, you can talk to your doctor to build a better insight about the compound and analyze the effect of kratom on any pre-registered health or mental problem and reaction of kratom on drugs that you might consume regularly.