Coronavirus Rapid Immunoassay Test: Using COVID-19 Test Kits Effectively

Coronavirus Rapid Immunoassay Test: Using COVID-19 Test Kits Effectively | HealthSoul

According to, as of today, there are 10,590,724 Coronavirus cases worldwide, racking up 514,020 deaths and 5,798,270 recoveries. Because of this, the economic situation of the world has immensely declined, and affected countries have imposed severe lockdown and strict quarantine rules to contain the spread of this virus. In just a few months, the world had seen the devastating effects it caused.

Aside from the lockdown and quarantine, the World Health Organization has been working on test kits that can help determine whether an individual is infected by the virus or not. In fact, there are already proven test kits, such as COVID-19 IgM/IgG kits, that can generate accurate results and detect infected individuals for immediate medical care.

Below are the rationales showing how COVID-19 testing kits can work effectively when used at home or at the home medication facilities. The following information will also aid every individual in making sure that they are using it in the right way.

Plead a Noble Motive 

Nowadays, many people, regardless of age bracket, fear getting infected with the Coronavirus disease. Fortunately, the virus is not airborne, but can only be acquired through physical contact or droplets caused by sneezing and coughing. Hence, test kits should be made available so that everyone can get examined. If they are showing symptoms, then they can be isolated right away.

When a person is possibly affected by the virus, it is important that you sincerely help them understand the need for immediate medication and quarantine. Allow them to recognize that this is the best way to avoid infecting the people around them. Not only do they pose a risk to society, but they may also endanger themselves.

Offer Support Through The Whole Testing Process

As mentioned before, COVID-19 test kits are available so that people who want to perform a self-test can do the necessary steps themselves. They do it because some are afraid to go to the clinic and opt for self-testing so they can’t infect people who are immunocompromised. Other than that, communities are placed under quarantine, and no one is allowed to leave their homes.

While test kits and home testing processes are accessible, it is crucial that health workers must offer support 24/7. It also applies to those companies tasked to create COVID-19 test kits. There’s a possibility that an individual can make a mistake during the testing process or isn’t familiar with how to complete each step in the test. If there is customer support for these individuals, then it will be easier for them to identify whether they carry the virus or not.

Protect Every Individual’s Privacy 

The test kits used for detecting Coronavirus must come with a 100% accuracy rate. It is also important that the companies making these kits are treating every individual’s result with utmost privacy. Health workers should also do the same to ensure a confidential testing process.

Moreover, every result coming from test kits should be taken with high importance. Through this, a tested individual can trust that the results are accurate. On the other hand, if they tested positive with the virus, health workers must keep it private and advise them to go on the necessary steps they need to do to be treated accordingly.

Communicate and set the Right Expectation

A Coronavirus testing kit must have a desirable timeframe to deliver results. Every individual using test kits must get the results as soon as possible. If the results are not delivered accurately, it can cause anxiety and may lead to a more troubling situation to the person involved.

Thus, if this happens, it is vital to communicate with them and set the right expectation. Provide them with the things that they need to do so they can get the results accordingly. You can also assist them to the best of your ability to avoid further panic.

Target The Right Population

Although different individuals can use test kits, some need the immediate care of medical experts. It applies to those who are confirmed to have Coronavirus symptoms and suffer from other acute diseases.

To utilize the test kits efficiently and effectively, it must target the exact number of people. This merely applies to those individuals who wanted to take these test kits. Moreover, if an individual demands a thorough test, then they should not be limited to only using the test kits, but also with other designed testing methods.


The COVID-19 pandemic is a serious disease that all of us must be aware of. We must follow all the guidelines set by the Government to control the severity of this disease. Aside from that, we must voluntarily submit ourselves for testing if signs start showing, especially at an early stage. The availability of testing kits can help to test a suspected person for Coronavirus. Thus, for us to get into great strides, we must utilize these test kits effectively.