Considering a Career in Disability Services? Here’s What You Should Know

Considering a Career in Disability Services? Here's What You Should Know| HealthSoul

According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW), an estimated 18 percent of the population lives with a disability. Disability prevalence accounts for 4.4 million residents who have suffered some form of impairment for at least six months. More so, their specific disability impedes daily activities like going to work or taking care of the household. The prevalence of disability usually increases as one advances in age.

As such, AIHW notes that half of the population aged 65 and above live with one disability or another, and sometimes multiple issues.  Disability services are in high demand across the nation. If you are considering joining this field, here is what you should know:

Job Security

If you are worried about losing your position in your current field, considering a career switch to disability will accord you job security. The field is ever-expanding and continues to welcome people to serve in various capacities. Covid 19 has made society more reflective of what matters most; is it money or career fulfillment?

Employees whose entire drive revolves around money live in apprehension of losing their job or on the hunt for a bigger paycheck. With disability services, you can shift your focus from constant fear to using your talents to make a world of difference.

A Career in Disability is Fulfilling

Chances are that you are in a career that doesn’t necessarily fulfill you and the spark that made you jolt out of bed is no longer there. Exploring new career opportunities in a rewarding field like disability services will get you excited about the possibilities of helping others get by easier. Helping people who are disadvantaged physically or mentally has a reflective impact on your life, and you will feel eager to work rather than feel dreadful.

You Must Get Professional Certification

Like any other line of work, you will need formal training in disability services to get the required certification. These efforts are a prerequisite for getting a license to operate your business. Certificate IV in Disability is a wonderful choice which prepares you to work in different community settings. The goal here is to empower individuals to become self-reliant as they go about their daily lives.

Unique Job Description

Working in disability is a sharp contrast to any other work environment. For instance, if you are a sales executive, you spend your days cold-pitching to prospective clients and updating databases. The roles and responsibilities of a disability worker often include personal grooming, chaperoning group outings, household chores, and offering companionship.

You need soft skills like proper communication, friendliness, and patience that will carry you through. The job also entails physical work like lifting clients off their wheelchairs, helping them to the bathroom, and such. Understanding the particulars of the job is essential to succeeding in this field.

You Don’t Have to Report to the Office

If you are seeking an opportunity to thrive in a growing field, disability services may be the right field for you. Employees are not confined to office settings but rather work offsite from the client’s place of residence. You will be spending a day helping your client with various tasks around the home.

You Can Touch a Life

If you enjoyed the reprieve of taking a break from your old job and want a career overhaul, think about helping the disadvantaged populations accomplish their goals. If you like working with children, it will interest you to know there are many children going through life with various disabilities. They need experienced disability professionals to help them with their day-to-day activities like school and playtime.