Can CBD oil be extracted from Hennep plants?

Can CBD oil be extracted from Hennep plants? | HealthSoul

When we think about the hennep and cannabis plant, we relate it to weed and hasj. Two psychoactive substances that influence your behavior and give you a feeling of rest and ease. However, it is also a drug and illegal in a large portion of the world due to its psychoactive nature. Besides these psychoactive elements, there is also the CBD element that can be extracted from the plant. This part is not psychoactive and provides a number of benefits. In this article, we will discuss CBD oil and its promised benefits, combined with insights from one of the larger manufacturers

What is CBD oil?

Using CO2 extraction, the CBD can be split from the other elements present in the cannabis plant. This functions as the input of the CBD oil that is manufactured. The CBD oil is enriched with different types of oil. For example, two options are olive oil and black cumin seed oil. When it is blended, it is ready to be used by consumers.

The oil influences the cannabinoid receptors in the body. These are part of the endocannabinoid system (ECS), which acts as a homeostatic regulator. When CBD enters that scene, it supports the ECS as an “engine” to all its components. Users can thereby feel that they are more balanced and it helps the physical and mental health.

How is Cibdol Creating the Oil?

Cibdol is one of the leading companies active out of Switzerland. They create a controlled environment where they grow the hennep plants and extract the active CBD component. During this process, the company uses the CO2 extraction method that is known throughout nature. The process ensures that they have complete control over the CBD that is blended with the oil. This method also makes sure that no toxins or chemicals are present during the processing. When the oil is extracted, it follows three stages of filtration before it ends in the final product.

What you should take into Account

CBD oil promises several health benefits, such as improved concentration and memory as well as a means to prevent restlessness. If you want to try the effects of CBD on your ECS, it is important to start with small doses. For example, cibdol is offering 2.5% concentrate but also 30%. Start with the minimum dose and see if it provides you with the benefits and get familiar with the product. Only in this way can you decide if you think the substance is useful for your health.

The oil is typically consumed together with food or drinks. Another means to consume it is by placing it under the tongue. This will reduce the time before the effects are felt, but also limit the time you will experience them. On average, it takes 50 minutes before you feel the effects of CBD.