Blood Pulse Oximeters – What are they and how do they work?

Blood Pulse Oximeters – What are they and how do they work | HealthSoul

Increasingly popular in the wake of COVID 19, blood pulse oximeters are often listed as a helpful ‘early warning’ tool or a helpful device to allow you to monitor your recovery. However, it can be difficult to find the right unit for your specific needs or even where to begin.

So, what exactly is a blood pulse oximeter and why should you potentially consider picking up one at your earliest convenience?

What is a Blood Pulse Oximeter?

A commonly used medical device, a blood pulse oximeter allows a user to measure the degree of oxygen saturation in an individual’s blood. A normal saturation percentile is in the high 90’s, with oxygen playing a vital role in regulating your body’s metabolism and allowing you to undertake everyday tasks.

A drop in blood oxygen level can potentially be highly dangerous, leading to conditions such as hypoxemia, hypoxia, and resulting in minor complaints such as headaches and shortness of breath to serious issues such as impaired judgment or collapse.

How does it work?

Painless and efficient, a blood pulse oximeter is placed on an available finger and shines a beam of light through the skin. The device then measures the degree of light absorption and uses that to gauge the level of saturation in the individual’s body. Reading is close to instantaneous and can also allow for pulse measurement and more. Robust and reliable, an oximeter can easily fit inside a bag, purse, or satchel and enjoy long-lasting battery life due to the simplicity of the components.

Why are they so popular now?

As mentioned, the rise of COVID 19 has led medical professionals to try and better understand the virus, its effects and how to combat it. While research is still ongoing, professionals have spotted that reduced blood oxygen levels are an early common symptom of infection, with many sufferers not aware of the effect on the body.

This has led many hospitals to discharge patients with a pulse oximeter to allow them to track their oxygen levels and track their recovery or warn against their condition worsening. This has led many individuals to seek out pulse oximeter devices to provide additional peace of mind and help give an accurate reading to healthcare professionals if needed.

Should I pick one up?

While they are by no means essential, taking the time to find a  reliable pulse oximeter unit can help provide extra care and peace of mind when it arguably matters most. While there are many makes and models available online, it is worth visiting a leading provider such as Sensoronics to ensure that the device you pick up is reliable and under warranty. 

This can help provide a useful tool for when you need it most. Pairing this with solid mask discipline, regular sanitizing, and social distancing can also help keep you and friends and family safe – helping all of us get through the current pandemic together and with minimal stress or danger.