Best hospitals for cervical cancer worldwide

Best hospitals for cervical cancer worldwide | HealthSoul

Cervical cancer is the 4th most common female disease, with about 600.000 new cases diagnosed annually. However, hospitals in Europe and the USA have the latest equipment for their high-quality diagnostics and successful treatment, even in the last stages. 

Based on recent advances, we have ranked the leaders in cervical cancer treatment, offering the most effective therapy. Each clinic in the AiroMedical database is strictly selected for quality of care and patient feedback. In addition, we consider the clinic’s international accreditation, the number of famous oncologists, the availability of medical equipment of the latest generation, the degree of patient satisfaction, etc.

Criteria for selecting the best hospitals for cervical cancer

The fight against cancer has been prioritized in many countries. But how can you find the best hospitals to recover your health?

When choosing a clinic for cervical cancer therapy, you should pay attention to the following:

  • Clinic profile. In each country, some hospitals have their characteristics and specialization. For example, in some, cervical cancer is most successfully treated. In others, it is breast or lung cancer.
  • Availability of highly specialized doctors. The gynecologic oncologist is engaged in the treatment of cervical cancer. When choosing a doctor, consider his status, work experience, and skills in treating your illness.
  • Diagnostic and treatment methods used (colposcopy, immunocytochemical oncomarker research, robot-assisted surgery, etc.).
  • Success in treating cervical cancer at different stages of the malignant process.
  • The clinic’s reputation. It can be assessed thanks to patient reviews about the treatment, satisfaction with service, and price-quality compliance.

Top hospitals for cervical cancer treatment in the United States 

The list of hospitals in the US for cervical cancer includes:

Benefits of medical treatment in the US

The palm tree in cervical cancer treatment belongs to the USA. Fortunately, the country has all the conditions for this:

  • Modern multidisciplinary and narrow-profile hospitals in the US.
  • Highly qualified doctors with rich therapeutic experience.
  • Medical equipment of the latest generation. Treatment in the US boasts minimally invasive robotic surgery and innovative developments.  

Top hospitals for cervical cancer treatment in Europe

We have selected the top-5 European hospitals for treating cervical cancer from 470+ presented on the AiroMedical platform. We would recommend any of them to our loved ones since they all at a high level:

Benefits of medical treatment in Europe

Hospitals in Europe have:

  • Worldwide recognition. Absolutely all world-class European clinics receive international accreditation. The JCI certificate guarantees patients high-quality medical care.
  • Healthy private and public clinics competition and generous EU funding.
  • Planned modernization of clinic equipment.

Top hospitals for cervical cancer treatment in Poland

List of hospitals in Poland, most famous for cervical cancer treatment:

Benefits of medical treatment in Poland

More and more patients have preferred treatment in Poland in the last ten years. And this is not surprising:

  • World-class oncologists actively develop their knowledge and skills by participating in scientific activities.
  • Hospitals in Poland meet all European and international standards.
  • Up to 80% lower treatment prices than in the USA and the United Kingdom.

Top hospitals for cervical cancer treatment in Italy

The list of hospitals in Italy includes the best ones for cervical cancer treatment:

Benefits of medical treatment in Italy

The main advantages of treatment in Italy are:

  • Regular scientific discoveries are improving diagnostic and treatment methods. 
  • Decent state funding of the healthcare system leads to the rapid development of medicine.
  • High rates of cancer cures, including cervical cancer.

Top hospitals for cervical cancer treatment in Germany

The list of hospitals reputable for the treatment of cervical cancer includes:

Benefits of medical treatment in Germany

Medicine in Germany, like the whole lifestyle, is characterized by a high organization and reliability level: 

  • In German clinics, the most complex interventions are carried out, often not yet possible in other countries.  
  • Various radiation and nuclear therapy types are available: Gamma Knife, CyberKnife, and Proton therapy.
  • Different types of maintenance therapy and ways to improve the quality of life (for example, deep scalp cooling to avoid hair loss during chemotherapy).

Best cervical cancer doctors worldwide

Medicine worldwide does not lack qualified doctors specializing in treating cervical cancer:

Best treatment solutions for treating cervical cancer 

The following methods are widely used in treating cervical cancer:

  • Conization. Removal of a small part of the cervix in the form of a cone. This surgery is possible when the tumor is limited to the mucous membrane and has not yet penetrated deep into the tissues. Reduces the relapse risk by 65%.
  • Hysterectomy. Surgery to remove the uterus with appendages. It can be performed through a large incision on the abdomen, several short incisions, or through the vagina. May increase the 5-year survival rate to 90%.
  • Chemotherapy. Drugs such as Fluorouracil and Cisplatin are usually used for cervical cancer treatment. The use of medications increases survival by 50%.
  • Targeted therapy. Suggests appointing drugs that block the formation of new vessels needed to nourish the tumor. Researchers report a success rate in 26% of cases.
  • Vaccine. It protects the female body from the virus that causes cancer. The latest one prevents precancerous conditions and malignant cell degeneration. It dramatically reduces the incidence of cervical cancer by almost 90%.
  • Brachytherapy. Doctors place radioactive microcapsules in the vagina, which irradiates cancer inside. In 74.9% of cases, doctors note the absence of progression. 
  • Radiotherapy. In this case, high-energy radiation destroys cancer cells and prevents their further growth. It can be intracavitary and external, with a cure rate of about 80%.

How to get treatment in the best hospitals for cervical cancer

Choosing a clinic alone, especially if you are not personally in the country and do not know the language, can be difficult. So you can entrust this choice to us. Treatment with AiroMedical is direct and unlimited access to the doctors most competent in cervical cancer treatment and hospitals with the necessary resources and experience. 

We know how difficult it is for patients and their families to find the proper way of treatment. So our mission is to make modern medicine accessible and personal. We aim to be a core platform for anyone seeking unique medical solutions. 

Just leave a request on our website, and you will receive reliable and verified information to make the right decision regarding your health.



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