Advanced Equipment That You Might Want to Add to Your Home Gym

Advanced Equipment to Add to Your Home Gym | HealthSoul

Cornered by the recent events and numerous restrictions that affected gyms, more and more fitness buffs have been forced to cancel their gym memberships and start to workout at home. Given the plethora of equipment available in the market nowadays, setting up your own gym may seem like a pretty easy task, but many people soon realize that the great bulk of what they purchased doesn’t really cater to their needs.

The truth is if you want a near-gym experience, a simple, functional trainer or a modest stationary bicycle, or even a combination of the two is not the best option. Gyms have professional equipment designed not only to be durable and withstand many hours of use but also to strengthen certain groups of muscles, in other words, each machine has its purpose.

If you strive to create at home the same efficient environment you had at your local gym, you may need more sophisticated equipment. The great news you do not have to spend a fortune on a host of trainers and machines because if you know your fitness goals, you can reach them with just one of two tech wonders. Here is a list of advanced equipment you might want to add to your home gym.

Rowing Machines

Despite what many people still think, rowing machines are not created only to help Olympic rowers stay in shape during the off-season. They are highly valued by different sportsmen and fitness fans for being a great form of cardiovascular exercise, engaging all major muscle groups.

These machines come in a variety of types and are enhanced with an array of features, but the main difference between various models lies in the form of resistance they offer. As stated by experts at, a lot of people prefer water resistance rowers because they simulate real rowing, increasing resistance based on your pace, which is the main reason why such machines are often seen as the best choice. Other types of resistance are air, hydraulic, and magnetic, and there is a wide range of models that combine air and magnetic resistance with taking the best from both worlds. Hydraulic models are among the cheapest in the market, but a low price has another side – this type of resistance doesn’t offer the same fluid movement as its counterparts.


We bet you used a treadmill at the gym – everyone uses it simply because this piece of equipment can suit different preferences and fitness levels. It doesn’t matter whether you want to run or to walk, it serves the purpose, letting you simulate one of the healthiest physical activities in the comfort of your home and regardless of weather conditions.

Again, if you want the same experience you had at the gym, you need to look for a powerful motor and higher than average speeds. The majority of treadmills won’t let you run faster than 12 km/h, hence if you can do better than that, consider more advanced models that allow for 16 km/h. Anyway, if you are looking for a quality and long-lasting product, consider investing in a premium running machine that will not only last for years but also let you take advantage of top-notch shock absorption, really impressive maximum speeds, touch screens, and just about everything you expect from a treadmill.

Functional Trainers

A functional trainer is arguably one of the most versatile solutions able to give you an excellent full-body workout. However, if you do not want to be disappointed with the performances of your newly bought equipment, avoid buying the cheapest versions. For the best experience, you need a model that combines many different machines and is loaded with a myriad of weights, bars, and pulleys or otherwise, it will just take a lot of space but won’t really serve the purpose. Look for a durable trainer with a sturdy pull-up bar, quality materials, great smoothness of motion, simple adjustment, long enough cables, and, of course, features you need to keep your muscles toned – if anything, the idea of functional training is to work for several muscle groups simultaneously.

Whatever your fitness level and sought-after goals, no doubts, you can reach them working out in your home gym, providing that you have the proper equipment. Think of the type of exercises you prefer and the groups of muscles you want to engage the most, and start looking for the machine that can cater directly to your needs. If you already have certain equipment, then it is even easier to add a piece able to contribute to your advancement.