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About Kratom Blends | HealthSoul

The Kratom plant has incredible potential for those looking to enhance their lives naturally. It truly is amazing how many ways a single plant can be processed to produce varying strains that have unique, positive effects for the user.  

Over the past 200+ years, the Kratom tree has been harvested for its leaves—the part of the plant that contains the highest concentration of the alkaloids Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine. These natural compounds exist alongside more than a dozen other alkaloids that combine to deliver the powerful effects Kratom is known for. 

Enter the Blends

When using Kratom, most people start with strains from one of the three major color categories: Red Vein, Green Vein, and White Vein. These categories exist to help the user get a feel for what kinds of Kratom work best for them. As the journey with Kratom continues, it’s common to branch out into another category of Kratom altogether: Blends. Kratom Blends are strategically combined strains of Kratom that are intentionally made with very specific ratios that result in a unique Kratom experience.  

Making Kratom Blends

It might be tempting to think, “Why couldn’t I just blend Kratom myself?”, and the reality is that you absolutely can! It’s popular to mix a Red with a White and experiment with different ratios to arrive at just the right balance for you. Preformulated Specialty Blends from Kats Botanicals address two important challenges when it comes to making Kratom blends: 

  1. Finding just the right ratios. Not every mixture of individual Kratom strains results in an effective blend that produces desired effects. In fact, the vast majority of blending experiments we’ve done over the past 5 years have resulted in substandard results. We’ve only kept the ones that work!
  2. Maintaining strict adherence to cleanliness and safety protocols. Without the right equipment and procedures, blending Kratom at home using different mixing strategies makes it difficult to eliminate the introduction of harmful contaminants like mold or pathogens.
    At Kats, we produce our blends using highly specialized facilities and processes that adhere to the American Kratom Associations Current Good Manufacturing Program (cGMP)—a program specifically designed to protect the consumer from contamination. 

So, while it is possible to blend Kratom yourself, we do the heavy lifting for you (safely!) and provide you with a wide variety of specialty blends you can trust for their potency, purity, and consistency in effects. 

Variety of Specialty Blends

Now that you know a bit more about why blends are used and how they’re made, let’s dive into a few of the most popular specialty blends available in the Kats Botanicals Kratom strain lineup. 

Above the Waves

Let’s face it: life is full of hurdles and challenges we all face every day. Our Above the Waves specialty blend does a fantastic job of helping the user to overcome whatever the day brings.

This blend is exceptional because of its inclusion of two Red Vein Kratom strains (35% each),  a White Vein strain (15%), and a Green Vein strain (15%). 

Digital Buddha

Some blends are best when the White Vein Kratom leads the pack! This is especially true in the case of our Digital Buddha specialty blend. 

In this blend, a 50% White Vein representation combines with 30% Green Vein and 20% Red Vein to yield a blend that inspires optimism while promoting feelings of enhanced overall well-being.  

Red Horn

It’s quite common to mix reds and whites together, but what is the right ratio to use? We’ve struck gold with a 70% Red, 30% White combination that delivers just the right amount of ‘zip’ alongside the comfort-inducing effects that Red Vein Kratom is known for. Many people use our Red Horn blend as a way to switch up their Kratom routines to keep from experiencing ‘Same Strain Syndrome’. 


50% Green Vein, 25% White Vein, and 25% Red Vein is an absolute gem of a Kratom ratio for many users. That’s why we’ve immortalized this blend with the Spacebird moniker; it’s as memorable in name as it is in effects!

A Green Vein-heavy Kratom blend is just right for many Kratom users who want a daytime strain that also ‘borrows’ some benefits from the other strain categories. Spacebird hits the mark every time! 

Super Thai

It’s a Spacebird! It’s a plane! It’s…Super Thai Kratom from Kats Botanicals! 

Our Super Thai specialty Kratom blend includes 40% Red Vein, 30% Green Vein, and 30% White Vein, making it one of the most balanced blends we offer. This strain is fantastic for use at virtually any hour of the day; it’s a ‘go-to’ strain to use when you need a boost but don’t want to have to decide on the best strain for time-of-day. 

The Wedge

In a pinch, reach for The Wedge: this blend combines 30% Green Vein, 50% White Vein, and 20% Red Vein for a formulation that has quickly made its way into the Kats Botanicals Hall of Fame. 

The Wedge is another great ‘all-around’ blend that delivers a full-spectrum Kratom experience with a bit more White Vein for added pep when you need it most. 

What Are Kratom Blends?

On their own, individual Kratom strains can have powerful, noticeable effects for most people. And, each color category has its own unique suite of benefits associated with it. For example, Red Vein Kratom is generally useful for winding down at the end of a long day, whereas White Vein Kratom is ideal for morning-time use. 

Any time Kratom strains are mixed together in predetermined ratios, the final product can be considered a ‘blend’. But, not all blends are created equal! Kats Botanicals has done the homework required to find the right blends that are suitable for the right situation, and we bring the best of the best to market with our Specialty Strains Kratom blends.  

Benefits of Kratom Blends

Blends can be used as a complement to an existing Kratom regimen or on their own. There is no ‘hard-and-fast’ rule for when and how to use a Kratom blend. We suggest experimenting with numerous strains and blends to determine which ones work best for you. 

That being said, there are a few broad categories of benefits that most users can expect when using Kratom blends. 

Improved Well-Being

Many Kratom users report a general sense of enhanced wellness when using blended Kratom strains. And, the effects can last for as long as six hours. 

Better Outlook on Life

Taking a potent Kratom blend can promote a noticeable and positive change in state of mind, often lending to a more optimistic attitude. 

Feelings of Comfort and Ease

Particularly when using Red Vein-heavy blends like Red Horn and Above the Waves, Kratom blends can be the perfect addition to your end-of-day routine. 

Get more from your Kratom serving when you choose a combination of stand-alone Kratom strains and Specialty Blends as part of a rotation schedule. We think you’ll find the most value in varying the strains you take so that your body is constantly presented with a new and novel alkaloid profile.  

We Offer the Best Kratom Blends on the Market

There are dozens of Kratom suppliers out there. We know that, and we know how important it is to distinguish Kats Botanicals as a provider not just of the highest-quality Kratom on the market, but also the certifiably purest and cleanest Kratom, too. 

That’s why we partner with independent, third-party testing laboratories who conduct small-batch analyses on all of the Kratom we ship. We make these test results available to you; all you have to do is scan the QR code on your Kratom blend packaging to see the results!

And don’t forget: we’re always available to answer your questions related to Kratom strains, blends, and other botanical products. Just reach out to us, and we’ll be happy to help!