A Guide to the Most Common Dental Treatments and How They Affect You

A Guide to the Most Common Dental Treatments and How They Affect You| HealthSoul

Permanent teeth are known to last for a lifetime when taken good care of. Dental problems such as tooth loss, gum disease, and tooth decay can be avoided with things such as taking low sugar diets, proper oral hygiene, and the use of a mouthguard when engaging in physical activities such as sports. In addition, regularly visiting a dentist plays an important role in ensuring that you have good oral health. It does not matter how old you are, young children and adults should visit a dentist at least twice every year.

Due to advancements in health and technology, you should not be afraid of getting dental treatment. This is because they have made the process quite fast, and it comes with little, if any, discomfort. There are different causes of dental problems, the most common ones being the things that we consume. This means that we need to observe our diet if we need good oral hygiene. Some of the most common dental treatments include;

Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is a common health problem in America. It occurs when starches or sugar from the foods that we eat combine with plaque resulting in the production of acids. These acids attack the tooth enamel. Tooth decay can attack people of any age, including adults. It can also be caused by the normal erosion of the enamel as well as aging. Dry mouth, often caused by medication, illness, and age can also lead to tooth decay.

You can reduce the chances of getting tooth decay by flossing every day, ensuring that you brush your teeth at least twice a day, and visiting your dentist at least twice a year. Some dental clinics such as Chattanooga Dental Studio offer personalized dental care meant to meet the different requirements of their customers. With such care, you will avoid tooth decay and many other dental problems.

Bad Breath

Bad breath is also known as halitosis and is one of the most embarrassing things among Americans. Research has indicated that more than 85% of people with bad breath suffer from a certain dental problem. These problems include cavities, dry mouth, oral cancer, bacteria, and gum disease. Some people think that using mouthwash is enough to get rid of bad breath. However, this is not the case. Using a mouthwash will only hide the bad smell coming from your mouth. 

All you need to do is visit a dentist who can have a look at your oral health and determine where the problem is. With this, you will get a permanent treatment that will get rid of the bad odor for good.

Gum Disease

Gum disease is a disease that infects the gums and is commonly referred to as a periodontal disease. It is one of the leading causes of tooth loss among adults. There are even studies that have shown a link between heart problems and gum disease. Gum disease can affect people of all ages, but those beyond the age of 30 are at the highest risk of being infected with it. One of the leading causes of this disease is smoking. It can also be caused by dry mouth and diabetes. Some symptoms of gum disease include sensitive teeth, pain especially when eating, bad breath, and red and bleeding gums.

Oral Cancer

This is a very sensitive and serious disease that is common among people who have hit the age of 40. It has so far affected millions of people and at least one person loses their life from it every hour in the United States. That notwithstanding, oral cancer can be cured when treatment starts at the early stages of diagnosis. It is most common with people who smoke, chew tobacco, use alcohol, and have HPV (human papillomavirus).

Lumps, sores, difficulties when moving your jaw, bite changes, and getting rough areas inside the mouth are the most common symptoms of oral cancer. Always visit a dentist when you have one or all of these symptoms. In conclusion, most of these dental problems can be avoided. All you need to do is to make sure that you observe your diet, floss your teeth every day, and brush them at least twice a day. In addition, you should also visit a dentist regularly, or at least twice every year. This way, you are going to eliminate any chances of having a dental problem.