A Better Night Sleep: How To Determine Poor Sleep Quality

A Better Night Sleep_ How To Determine Poor Sleep Quality | HealthSoul

Sleep is one of the most important human needs to be healthy. It has a relaxing effect on the brain and helps to balance physical and mental activities during the day. We all need to sleep some of us more, others less. However, there is a certain amount of hours of relaxed sleep that everybody needs. Thus, how to check your sleep quality?

Sleep quality is the way you sleep. You can have a 10-hour rest (considering it asleep) but not have a good quality sleep. Your body needs your help, you can exercise, use relaxing components like kratom powders, eat healthily and create an environment for your body and brain to relax.

What Counts as Good Sleep Quality?

  1. You fall asleep in less than half an hour after getting into bed. If this time is longer the sleep quality can be under doubt. One of the natural ways to improve healthy sleep is taking kratom for sleep. One of the best types of kratom that can improve your sleep is the Red Bentuangie Kratom.
  2. Uninterrupted 6-8 hour sleep is a good sleep habit. Your body recovers and your brain receives the necessary energy to function afterward. You can use Kratom that may help you stay energized throughout the day.
  3. You get enough rest to wake up fresh and stimulated. And during the day your energy is enough to juggle with your routine.

How to Improve Sleep Quality

If you want your body and your brain to be healthy and balanced we should consider improving our sleep quality. This is a constant process and needs special attention as sleep is the energy booster of our body.

  1. Make your sleep schedule and stick to it. It is essential to go to sleep more or less at the same hour every day. Your body gets used to it and learns to rest better.
  2. Use some relaxing components. Together with a balanced diet, premium kratom powder may be good support for a recovering sleep. It is believed that the pain-relieving and mood-recovering properties of kratom also may help to relax and achieve a good long-lasting sleep. It is easy to use. You can mix it with your tea or other infusions. Nevertheless, if you are taking any drugs you should consult a specialist before using any substance.
  3. Make your bedroom your sanctuary. Your bedroom is the most important place for your brain and body. It is where they get back the energy they waste during the day and motivation to live and create. Everything can be important in the environment. Try to use pastel tone colours in your room and do not overcharge it with furniture or details.
  4. Be active. Daily physical activity is a wonderful way to gain a relaxing sleep at night. Walk, run, exercise, dance. Give your brain and body a stimulus to recover afterwards.
  5. Anxiety and stress are sleep enemies. Try to reduce your worries and take it easy. The powerful properties of kratom is its soothing effect. Red Kapuas capsules may help soothing and relaxing.

What Can Cause Sleep Problems?

Different factors can make your sleep quality poor.

  1. Bad sleeping habits – If you always change your sleep schedule it can negatively affect its quality. It is recommendable to go to sleep at the same hour every day. Altered sleep order can cause insomnia or interrupted sleep duration.
  2. Environment – The room where you sleep should fulfil your expectations about the complete rest. If you are not comfortable with the place where you sleep you will not be able to gain a high quality sleep.
  3. Bad habits – Bad habits affect our life quality in general, but they can have a crucial role in amending our sleep quality. Alcohol, nicotine and drugs are number one sleep enemies. They weaken our bodies and taint our brains.
  4. Disorders – There are some sleep disorders like insomnia that affect our sleep quality and can cause serious health issues. Narcolepsy is another disorder that affects our sleep habits.

Are There Alarms of Bad Sleep Quality?

Sometimes we are not aware of the alterations of our habits. Nevertheless, there is some evidence that signals about our sleep disorders. Let’s see some of them.

  1. It takes you more than half an hour to fall asleep – If you are in bed and you cannot fall asleep in the following 30 minutes the quality of your sleep is altered. You should think about improving it as soon as possible.
  2. Interrupted sleep – Even if you sleep 8 hours but wake up every 2 hours your sleep cannot be considered a high-quality one. A relaxing and recovering sleep should last more than 80 per cent of your time spent in bed. If you go to bed out of 10 hours you only sleep 5 you are not getting enough rest. Your body needs a complete disconnection and your brain some calm down period.
  3. You are tired in the morning – If you get up tired or in a few hours you start napping watch out. Your energy has not been recharged during the night.

To sum up, sleep is our brain and body charger. We have to take care of our mental and physical health and make sure they get back the energy they waste during the day. In a short-term period, it can be not that important, however, if we just let it go it can cause serious health issues. Do not explode your body, help your brain to be always active and functional. Start with Improving your sleep quality.