7 Qualities of a Great Nurse

7 Qualities of a Great Nurse| Healthsoul

Nursing is a great career choice for individuals who have the heart to serve. It is a demanding yet fulfilling profession that entails unwavering commitment and relentless passion. If you plan to venture into this dynamic field, these are the seven qualities that you need to possess to become successful.


Since nurses cater to multiple patients with various backgrounds, a great nurse is capable of relating to any individual without judgment. Place yourself in your patient’s shoes and envision how you want to be treated. By demonstrating empathy, you can address your patients’ needs effectively and respond with more compassion and understanding.

Eager to learn

The healthcare industry is constantly changing. While you will learn the basics of being a nurse, including “what does a nurse do on a daily basis,” in your degree program, it is vital that you continue your education and never stop learning. Being curious or having the desire to learn can quickly set you apart from your peers and help you succeed in this competitive field. You should constantly look for opportunities to improve yourself, intellectually and professionally.

Excellent communicator

Nurses often act as a liaison between medical professionals, patients, and family members. From reading your patients’ charts, collecting critical information, to correctly recording vital signs, and transcribing prescription orders, it is important that you are able to process information accurately and effectively express yourself verbally and non-verbally. Poor communication and comprehension skills often cause medical errors, resulting in costly lawsuits.


Nursing is a highly stressful and emotionally-draining profession. A great nurse knows the importance of having an optimistic attitude. To be a successful nurse, you need to learn how to stay positive, so you can conduct your job more efficiently, inspire your peers, and encourage your patients to focus on recovery.

Critical thinker

Nurses, especially in the emergency department, routinely face scenarios wherein they need to interpret incomprehensible data and make rational and life-impacting decisions. The ability to think critically is a trait that every great nurse should have. While this skill is usually perfected through time and experience, some nurses tend to be more natural critical thinkers than others.


Being meticulous or having strong attention to detail is another characteristic of a great nurse. You must be very attentive to your patients so you can quickly spot life-threatening conditions and ensure that they receive the highest quality of medical care. Remember that you will be attending to different patients simultaneously and dealing with multiple medical professionals, so being highly meticulous is a personality trait you should strive to acquire.


Balancing several responsibilities in different care settings is not an easy endeavor. Having excellent organizational skills is an important trait that every nurse should have to be successful. Highly organized nurses are more productive in their jobs and less prone to emotional burnouts.

Nurses play an essential role in today’s society. To become a great nurse, you should analyze the above list of qualities and continuously strive to better yourself.