7 Important Things You Need To Know About The Chromotherapy

7 Important Things You Need To Know About The Chromotherapy | HealthSoul

Chromotherapy is a very interesting approach to healing disease and illness. It’s a very uncomplicated and holistic method that uses the visible spectrum to treat one’s physical, spiritual, and mental energies. Color light is used in a way that heals imbalances in these energies that may result in disease. What’s so special about it is that you don’t need to support this therapy with ointments or drugs, all you need to do is lie down beneath the targeted color. Here are 7 important things you need to know about chromotherapy.

1.  How It Works

Every color has its own vibrations because of the different frequencies and wavelengths that each color photon possesses. When you perceive color, your body recognizes and responds to these vibrations, and this means that our perception is affected by the waveforms that each color holds. To explain further, our cells are charged in a specific way, depending on the visible color. Before we get into further details, you need to know that every color donates a specific amount of energy that manifests as happiness, motivation, creativity, or simply healing energy. This energy helps free our minds from stress and anxiety, relax our bodies, and promote better sleep.

2.  Your Body and the Color Spectrum

If you were wondering what visible light has to do with your body, you should know that our bodies are made of all the colors in the spectrum. This is perhaps what gives color so much power over our bodies. Each color in the visible light spectrum, as explained above, leaves a different impact on our emotions, minds, and bodies.

3.  The Chakras and Color

The Chakras and Colors | HealthSoul

The Chakra system, which is an ancient Indian teaching, is deeply associated with the concept of chromotherapy. According to the Chakra system, there are 7 locations on our body, aligned with the spinal cord, that are highly concentrated in energy. Each of these chakras is responsible for the regulation of certain bodily functions, including our emotions, immune system, and metabolism, as well as a variety of organs, such as the heart, brain, and lungs. Like chromotherapy, the Chakra system assigns each chakra color. For instance, green governs the heart chakra, and it is said to relieve muscle pain while promoting balance and harmony in the body.

4.  Sunlight and Chromotherapy

If you read up on the benefits of sunlight, you will find that it is known for boosting productivity, promoting creativity, elevating one’s mood, in addition to several other positive aspects. You have probably noticed that you feel less energized on the days where the skies are gray. However, have you ever wondered why? Sunlight triggers hormonal changes in our body that set off these responses. Though, what is sunlight exactly? Like our bodies, sunlight is composed of the 7 colors in the visible spectrum that keep us balanced. When we say that we can’t live without sunlight, we mean that we can’t survive without the colors that keep our mental, emotional, and physical well-being in check.

5.  Healing Characteristics

Colors have different characteristics associated with them. As for the healing ability, red is the most popular healing color. Red is a very stimulating, lively color that is filled with power and energy. Because of these attributes, the use of red light therapy is adopted, to combat laziness and tiredness, relieve pain, repair your skin, improve your liver function, improve your senses, and regenerate the blood. Just make sure to avoid this color if you are very excited or angry.

The other colors of the spectrum have great benefits as well. Orange can help improve digestion, help with menstrual cramps, boost immune function, relieve hiccups, and help with irritable bowel. Yellow is associated with happiness and joy but should be avoided if you feel nervous, or have diarrhea or neuralgia. Yellow can help you concentrate better, decrease wrinkles, and boost lymph flow and digestion. Green is advantageous for the joints, strengthens bones, helps dissolve blood clots and heal wounds, and improves immune function. Blue is a calming color that can help calm the nerves, bowels, and itching. It also aids with fevers and has anti-bacterial and astringent properties. Indigo is very similar to blue, as it has relaxing properties and promotes intuition and imagination. Violet has a calming effect as well and is associated with spirituality.

6.  Light Energy

Phototherapy, or light therapy, is implemented through the use of full-spectrum, white light. Light therapy can prove beneficial in treating seasonal affective disorders, cancer, eating disorders, drug and alcohol dependency, and insomnia. By using a prism, colors from white light can become visible due to refraction.

7.  Available Options

Many saunas are equipped with chromotherapy features. If you visit a specialized sauna, you may be able to choose one out of at least 6 color options to use during your sauna session. You can even surround yourself with each color for a few minutes during one session. You can also use the color-changing led lights, candles, gemstones, crystal color wands, fabrics, or whatever you find effective, to implement color therapy.

Even though color therapy has been used for centuries, it has recently grown more and more popular. It is incredible how different colors have varying healing properties that you can use to promote balance and harmony within your body. In this article, we collected 7 things you need to know if you’re interested in chromotherapy.