7 Health Benefits of Quitting Drinking

7 Health Benefits of Quitting Drinking | HealthSoul

Drinking alcohol is not a new thing. Human beings have been engaging in drinking for centuries and it’s become so ingrained in our culture that we are certain it will never leave. It’s a way to relax, socialize and have fun with others at events. Everyone is on the same page and you and there to have a good time.

Now even though drinking alcohol has its own social benefits, it’s extremely important to remember that it is a drug and can be incredibly addictive. You might know someone or have heard about someone who struggles with their drinking, and often it can be quite sad or hard to hear.

As with any kind of addiction, it’s important to remember that it often starts out as a fun and enjoyable thing that is carried out with friends. But what happens is the fun tends to stop at some point and an addiction is created without people realizing it. It becomes so easy to slip back into bad habits that you might not even realize it has a hold of you.

Luckily we live in a time where the understanding of addiction and illness is deep and there is lots of help and information out there should you need it. No one wants to be addicted to something which could have long-term, negative health benefits but sometimes when something grabs a hold of you, unfortunately, it can be quite hard to kick. In Europe it is a big subject and afkickkliniek ( dutch for drug rehab) is a word spoken about a lot. Alcohol is everywhere in our society so it’s fully understandable how easy it can be to get into a bad cycle with it.

Quitting drinking and focusing on other areas of your life could really change things for you. If you believe you have a problem or are doing some further research for a loved one or family member, then it’s great you’ve recognized a potential problem.

So What Are 7 Health Benefits Of Quitting Drinking?

It Can Help You Lose Weight

This is a big factor for a lot of people and it’s not just about the self-image side of things but the health benefits too. Losing weight is good for all parts of your body and takes away the stress from your joints, muscles, and organs too. Becoming fat or overweight can lead to some nasty long-term illnesses so if you want to nip it in the bud or have felt yourself putting on more weight than you would like, quitting drinking could be a great thing to do. As well as the health benefits, being skinnier and feeling more confident in your own skin will only lead to an improvement in your mental health, which is always good news.

It Can Help You Lose Weight

Improved Sleep

Alcohol can interrupt our sleep in a couple of key ways. The first is the Slow Wave Sleep, the section that physically refreshes us the most, The second being REM, sleep which helps us to learn and remember important things. These sound like crucial things that we should probably nurture and allow them to carry out their functions, right? If you’re not feeling your full self or maybe things have been a bit hazy lately, giving up the drink could hit somewhat of a refresh button and kick yourself back into gear.

Better Hydration

Human beings rely on water to survive. We can last without food for way longer gut water is the absolute key. Alcohol makes us less hydrated and more thirsty, something which is the opposite of what our body needs. Being hydrated and healthy filters into so many other areas of our health that it needs to be a priority for you and all of us.

Reduces Fat In Your Liver

According to research, giving up alcohol can lead to a 15% reduction of fat in the liver. This can stop us getting too lazy or sluggish and helps prevent liver cancer. Our liver controls many things and our skin quality is one of them, so allowing it to function properly could improve how you look physically too which is always a plus.

Lower Sugar Intake

Most alcohols are made with sugar and over long periods of time, it can have a super negative effect on our bodies. In the long run, if you consume too much sugar you could become diabetic, overweight, and generally unhealthy. If you’re looking to cut back on sugar or have been told by a medical professional that you need to reduce the amount of sugar your body is receiving, cutting out alcohol should be the first thing you try.

Better Sex Life

Alcohol can actually have a negative impact on our central nervous system and stop us from fully feeling the effects of pleasure. It ruins the sensitivity in our nerve endings and causes us to experience things in a worse way than we might have without the alcohol factor involved. Quite often we end up consuming large volumes of liquid when we drink alcohol. This can have a bad result in the bedroom as it means you are more likely to need to go to the bathroom more frequently and might struggle to perform when you need to. Given the fact this is an essential part of sex, it’s assumed you would want this part of yourself to work?

Clearer & Cleaner Skin

Alcohol contains sugars and fats that make us burst out in pimples and have greasy skin. No one wants this, right? We all want to look our best and are fully aware of how much self-confidence feeds into the way we perform and are perceived on a social basis, and at work. If you are concerned that your skin is looking a little unhealthy lately and are unsure what to try which will fix it, quitting drinking could be a good place to start. Try it out and see how you get on.

Now you have a little better understanding of the health benefits that can arise from quitting drinking, you might think a bit differently before you go to buy or pick some up next time. Give it a rest for a little while and see how you feel. You may never go back!