6 Useful Tips On How And When You Should Be Using Growth Hormones

6 Useful Tips On How And When You Should Be Using Growth Hormones | HealthSoul

Growth hormones, more commonly known as HGH (human growth hormones) are produced by the pituitary gland. It helps children grow and helps to regulate our muscle and bone growth, and controls our metabolisms, amongst other beneficial things for our bodies. However, some children never produce HGH, and some adults may stop producing it, for a number of reasons, some of which may never be discovered. When this happens, they’ll need to have synthetic growth hormones administered to prevent a number of health conditions from occurring. In consideration of this, this article provides 6 useful tips about how and when you should be using growth hormones.

1. Following Instructions

As there are different manufacturers of growth hormones, there may be different ways of storing the synthetic growth hormone that you’re using. Always listen to what your doctor says to do, because they will advise you about everything you need to know to ensure that your body gets the HGH it needs to properly function. It’s also important that you read the manufacturer’s guidelines that accompany the growth hormone too. This is because instructions may vary as Humatrope is a highly purified synthetic growth hormone that requires to be discarded 24 hours after use, whereas other manufacturers may suggest keeping the leftover growth hormone for the next required dose. Both instructions are fine for the HGH they are providing guidance for, just make sure you know how to use the one you’re using.

2. Storage

Most growth hormones require to be stored at a certain temperature, to maintain their effectiveness, with many requiring to be stored in a refrigerator. If you’re planning to travel or go out when doses of growth hormone are due, make sure you bring the right amount needed, and follow storage instructions. So if doses of growth hormone have to be stored in refrigerators, make sure you put them in a cooler bag to keep their temperature at the right range. If not, the dose may become ineffective.

3. One or More Doses

Some growth hormones may be required to be taken once daily, whereas others may require the user to take it more. Doses tend to depend on how low your HGH naturally is, and other variables. Listen to what your doctor says, and make sure you don’t take any more or any less. Taking anything but the right dose can potentially cause other health conditions, which you naturally want to avoid.

4. Time of Day

As growth hormones are naturally released in the evenings, it makes sense that most manufacturers state that people should administer their synthetic growth hormones in the evenings. This is because their aim is to mimic that natural production of HGH, as it’s considered more effective. It’s generally considered better to administer your dose at the same time every day, at best no more than an hour’s difference each day for consistency.

5. Injection Sites

Your doctor will advise you as to the best site to administer your growth hormone injection or pen. However, sites include the back of arms, the top or outside your thighs, at the sides of your stomach, and outer quadrants of your thighs.

If your doctor says you can use more than one site, get into the habit of alternating the site you use, rotating them in order. Note this down somewhere, along with the dates of opening a cartridge, if you’re using an injection to receive your growth hormone and its expiration date.

6. Use Every Last Drop

Some manufacturers will tell you to discard any excess doses of growth hormone, whereas others will advise saving what’s leftover for the next dose. Most will usually advise not to make up other missed doses, and try not to miss more than one dose per month to ensure you get the most benefits out of using the growth hormone.

Pens typically only allow you to use what’s left of the medication via its dial, so if you need more to fulfill the dose you require, then you’ll need to start a new cartridge and administer a second injection.

Administering growth hormones may, at first, seem daunting, but you will be taught how to do this by trained professionals, like a doctor or nurse. They’ll watch you administer growth hormones to yourself to ensure that you’re doing it properly. The main thing is to remember to take your doses consistently at the same time and store them in the right conditions so that your medication remains effective. It’s expensive, so you need to ensure that you’re looking after it, as much as it’s helping to look after you.