5 Tips to Keep Your Hair Healthy

5 Tips to Keep Your Hair Healthy | HealthSoul

Strong, thick, and healthy hair is the dream of almost every woman – it is a symbol of beauty and attractiveness. Unfortunately, not every lady is lucky enough to have such hair naturally – problems with dry, thin, brittle hair are really common.

However, some methods can help you in achieving the goal of a perfect hairstyle. Some of them are home-made and effortless, and others are a little more demanding but definitely worth trying. Below, you’ll find 5 tips to keep your hair healthy that are sure to bring quick effects.

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1. Use a Hair Conditioner (With Reason!)

There are plenty of hair conditioners available on the market – they can be dedicated to thin or dyed hair; they may enhance the color or cover silver hair. Regardless of their properties, hair conditioners should be used reasonably.

Many women think that if they use a hair conditioner once or even twice a day, the effect will be quicker and more spectacular. In fact, they couldn’t be more mistaken – to work properly, hair conditioners should be used approximately two or three times a week (unless the information on the package says otherwise).

Why is limiting the use of hair conditioners healthy for your hair? A vast majority of them are not meant to be used every day because it may overburden your hair, which will have an opposite effect to conditioning it.

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2. Don’t Use a Hairdryer

Most of the people can’t imagine their morning bathroom routine without using a hairdryer. It makes your hair dry quickly and effortlessly. But apart from that, it may destroy the hair.

Hairdryers work on the basis of generating a condensed, direct stream of hot air. Although it provides quick-drying, it is incredibly unhealthy for your hair.

Hot air destroys the structure of hair and therefore makes it weaker and thinner. An excellent alternative to using a hairdryer is to roll up a soft towel on your head and dry it manually – if it’s still wet, you may just let it dry naturally.

3. Take Supplements

A good way to help your hair grow healthy and strong is to regenerate it from the inside. How can you do it? For example, by taking various dietary supplements that are beauty-oriented.

Some of the vitamins that boost the condition of your hair are vitamin A, vitamin C, iron, zinc, and protein. You might take them separately or invest in one product that combines all of them.

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Apart from that, you should remember about having a generally balanced, healthy diet. It improves your general health and beauty, so it will also be beneficial for your hair.

4. Limit Hair Dying

Frequently dyed hair is more prone to breaking and generally being in poor condition. Why? Dying your hair requires using strong chemical substances, such as ammonia, peroxide, or resorcinol. They may cause allergic reactions or even hair loss.

A reasonable solution is to limit hair dying, for example, is to do it every two or three months or to use more natural substances.

A variation of hair dying that is the most destructive to hair is chemical lightening. Of course, some hair colors become lighter, for example, during summer, but chemical lighteners significantly worsen the hair condition.

5. Invest In a Good Hairbrush

For most of us, a hairbrush is a part of the most basic bathroom equipment, so its type and shape don’t really make a difference. However, the choice of a hairbrush should depend on the length and structure of your hair, as well as on the effect that you want to achieve.

For example, a round hairbrush will be perfect for those who want to boost the hair volume, especially if it’s short. A paddle brush is suitable for thick, fine hair that is difficult to straighten. Another option for straightening is choosing a cushion-base brush.

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Most importantly, avoid choosing hard, metal brushes or combs that can be harmful to your hair and increase the hair loss.


With the use of a few tools and tricks, it is not difficult to keep your hair healthy and strong. The things that are worth remembering are, for example, choosing right hair cosmetics and hairbrushes, limiting the use of conditioners and hair dyes, and letting your hair dry naturally instead of using a hairdryer excessively.

Hair is one of the most fragile parts of our body – it needs proper care and nutrition to be beautiful and thick. Try to keep that in mind and treat it with love and reason!