5 Simple Ways To Stay Physically Fit

5 Simple Ways To Stay Physically Fit | HealthSoul

First of all, congratulations on finally deciding to invest in your physical health and working on being in good and healthy shape. You see, the first step toward achieving a physically fit body is when you decide to take this path seriously and consistently. 

Getting in the right shape won’t only require exercising or eating certain foods. It also needs physical and mental commitment in which you’re ready to ditch your unhealthy habits and do some necessary lifestyle changes.  

But before you feel overwhelmed, staying physically fit isn’t about making massive changes with your diet, or doing intensive workout plans. Instead, it’s all about those small efforts and changes you make every day, which will all sum up and positively affect your shape. The process toward physical fitness may be long and time-consuming, but the results will definitely be worth it.  

To begin your quest toward a healthy body, here are five simple ways you can do to stay physically fit:  

  • Exercise Daily 

Exercising daily can do wonders for your overall health, especially with your physicality. While you don’t need to push yourself too hard to do rigorous workout plans, it’s recommended that you incorporate moderate physical activities on a daily basis. For instance, running for beginners can be extremely challenging, especially if you were never a fan of it at first. 

But if you’re looking to start running and use it as a daily exercise, you can start slow by jogging and walking at intervals. Then, see how you handle and control your breath and observe if you feel any muscle soreness.  

If you’re experiencing soreness in your body after your first exercise, it’s okay. It’s a good sign that you’ve performed well. Later on, when your body is used to it, the soreness will fade, and you might crave more intense physical activities. 

Meanwhile, if your goal is to shed a few pounds, it’s a good idea to engage in higher-level intensity workouts for better results. Whether exercising outdoors or indoors, always remember to stay hydrated, do warm-ups and stretches, and eat healthy foods after every activity.  

  • Eat Healthily 

It’s no surprise that your choice of food and eating habits will significantly impact your physical health. If you aim to stay physically fit, it’s time to ditch those processed foods, sugary snacks, and junk foods, as these things will hinder you from getting in shape. To achieve a physically fit body, you need to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your diet. Eating more fruits and veggies will make you feel fuller for longer hours, plus keep your digestive system healthy and clean. 

Also, when eating meat, go for lean ones such as chicken and turkey. Seafood is also healthy alternatives as they’re loaded with protein and vitamins that will keep your muscles strong and ready for physical activities. But aside from eating healthy foods, make sure you also pay attention to your meal portions. 

Avoid eating large meals multiple times a day as this habit can affect your breathing by the time you’re working out. The less food your digestive system has, the more reserved energy you have for doing workouts.  

  • Stay Hydrated 

Water is not only essential for promoting body functions, but it can also help you stay physically fit, especially if you’re trying to lose weight. Moreover, your body is mainly made up of water which means your body is highly dependent on your water intake. 

Thus, it’s vital that you drink as much water as you can on a daily basis, especially before, during, and after a workout. When exercising, you tend to lose a lot of water from your body through sweat, and the best way to plenish it is by drinking water.  

  • Get Enough Sleep 

Sleep plays a significant role in maintaining a physically fit body. It’s during your sleep that your body gets a chance to recharge and rejuvenate itself. No matter how busy you are during the day, make sure to strive to get seven to nine hours of sleep every night. You can do this by sticking to a sleep schedule and establishing a bedtime routine to help you sleep faster.  

Meanwhile, it’s also a good idea to take a 30-minute nap before exercising, especially if you feel tired after work. Avoid napping for too long as this could disrupt your sleep at night and lead you to stay up later than intended.  

  • Be Proactive 

Staying fit isn’t only about your diet, sleep, and exercise, but it’s also about your lifestyle. So, aside from your exercise, make sure to involve more movement in your everyday life. For instance, instead of spending your whole day off lounging on the sofa and eating popcorn, use it to do activities that require movement, such as gardening, walking your dog, cleaning the house, or doing the laundry. An active lifestyle will lead to a healthier and fitter physicality.  


Aside from these tips, the most important thing to remember is to stay consistent. Staying consistent in practicing these tips will surely help you achieve the body or weight you’ve always wanted. So, keep a positive mindset, stay motivated, and be consistent.