5-Mind Blowing Skin Benefits of red Light Therapy Treatments

5 mind blowing skin benefits of red light therapy treatments| HealthSoul

Red light therapy uses lasers, or low-energy light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to help increase the blood flow in your skin and help to stimulate the production of collagen.  As a result, using this type of treatment can give you benefits that help your skin that is mind-blowing.

Improves Skin Over-all

Around the time a person hits thirty, their natural production of collagen starts to slow down.  Due to environmental aggressors such as general wear and tear on your skin, sun damage, and oxidative stress, your collagen supply can be depleted further. When your collagen production slows down, this can cause damage to your skin.  It can cause your skin to thin, lose its elasticity and start to sag.  Instead of wasting money on over-the-counter medications that state they help with these issues, use red light therapy treatments.

It will also help to reduce your wrinkles and fine lines, giving you smoother skin.  The red light therapy treatments help to improve the collagen density in your skin.  It helps to stimulate balanced collagen production.  It will help to reduce the signs of aging on your skin. Red light treatment therapy will benefit your skin in many other ways such as improving your skin tone, reducing roughness, and improving feeling and texture to your skin.  Your skin can start to feel as it was before you turned thirty.

Treats Acne and Helps Prevent Future Breakouts

This type of treatment is often used by people to help clear up their acne-prone skin, which is oftentimes scarred, inflamed, and red.  Using this type of treatment can help to reduce the production of sebum and inflammation.  This will help you manage your acne breakouts.  It will also help to prevent breakouts in the future.  It makes sure that the sebum is not clogging up the pores on your skin, which is one cause of acne breakouts.

Helps to Reduce Stretch Marks and Scars

When using red light therapy treatments, this can help to reduce your stretch marks and scars.  This therapy promotes the formation of skin cells that are normal and healthy.  It will improve your skin complexion, leaving it feeling smooth and soft.  It may not eliminate them completely, but you will be amazed at how your skin will look after treatment.

The treatment will lighten up the scars and stretch marks and help to reduce any redness that is associated with them.  The collagen production it helps to improve will prevent any future stretch marks and scars from forming.

Helps in reducing Crepey Skin

If you suffer from dry, crepey looking skin, there are a few treatments that can help you with that. You can try lotions for crepey skin or red light therapy. In our experience, they are both very efficient in treating dry skin, with the latter being slightly more effective than creams. The reason is red light therapy penetrates deep and encourages collagen and elastin growth, which in return, helps you produce new skin cells. The new, fresh skin cells replace the old, dry ones – giving you’re skin a young, healthy, vibrant look. We encourage you to try both treatments, as they are both inexpensive and can help you look and feel way better.

Inexpensive, and efficient

Yes, you can always go see a plastic surgeon. However, keep in mind that any surgical procedure will come with a hefty price-tag. When doing red-light therapy treatments, are usually cheap. If you get them in a professional spa, you’ll pay around $100 per treatment, and it gets even cheaper if you use an at home treatment. Being so affordable, no wonder more and more people ditch the surgeons and go for the natural way.


What people love about red light therapy treatment is that it is a natural treatment with zero side effects.  There are no harsh chemicals used.  All skin types tolerate this treatment. If you want your skin to feel radiant, look like it did when you were younger, this is the treatment to use.  And if you are, or have been affected, by acne, this treatment will help to prevent future breakouts and reduce the effects it has had on your skin.  This is a treatment that has many positive benefits for your skin.