5 Essential Oils That Help With Disinfecting Around the Home

5 Essential Oils That Help With Disinfecting Around the Home | HealthSoul

We all know how important it is for our home environment to be sanitized and disinfected on a regular basis. Unfortunately, this usually includes a combination of strong and often harmful chemicals.

Did you know that cleaning chemicals can be corrosive and harmful to your lungs? Chemicals are abrasive and cause fumes which, when inhaled, can cause respiratory symptoms like coughing and shortness of breath.

Fortunately, cleaning companies like Sterifre Medical can do sanitizing and disinfecting using chemicals that are non-abrasive and safe to your work or home environment. But, that’s not the only way to keep your home safe from harsh chemicals. For years, people have been using essential oils to not only cure headaches or to fragrance their homes but for their bacteria busting properties. Let’s have a look at a few of the most popular oils you can use.

Tea-Tree Oil

Tea-tree essential oil is a medicinal staple in many homes but is also highly effective in combating staph infection and E.coli. Tea-Tree has antibacterial properties and purifies the air when used as an air freshener. It’s ideal for cleaning germ hotspots like door handles.

Cinnamon Oil

Cinnamon essential oil isn’t only known for its pleasant fragrance but its strong antibacterial properties as well. Cinnamic acid eliminates bacteria by killing off germ membranes. The use of cinnamon oil in your cleaning routine will eradicate disease-causing bacteria and is suitable for kitchen areas.

Peppermint Oil

Studies on the cleaning effects of essential oils have shown peppermint oils to have the best antibacterial properties. This is significantly due to it’s menthol content. It’s excellent for cleaning bacteria like C.difficile that commonly thrives in bathrooms.

The menthol in peppermint oil also repels insects such as ants, spiders and cockroaches. Pour some of this solution around your drains to deter insects from entering your home and to give your drain that fresh, clean smell.

Eucalyptus Oil

Commonly used as a natural medicinal remedy, Eucalyptus essential oil relieves coughs and clears sinuses. Diffusing just a few drops into the air can help you kill surface germs. Eucalyptus oil has been shown to have properties that can have adverse effects on bacteria that cause tuberculosis and a host of other fungi. With its soothing scent and strong cleaning properties, it’s a wise addition to your cleaning arsenal.

Lemon Oil

Have you ever noticed that the majority of chemical cleaning agents contain lemon? If you thought it was for the citrusy smell, you’d only be partially right. Scientific research has shown that lemon can easily eradicate bacteria such as listeria. With its antimicrobial properties, it’s a good idea to use lemon oil around your home. Your lemon oil cleaning solution is ideal for cleaning floors.


Harmful bacteria can cause an array of serious illnesses if left untreated. With a few simple recipes, you can easily make your own solutions suited to your cleaning and disinfectant requirements. This will leave your home environment bacteria free and smelling crisp and fresh while protecting your health!