4 Ways to Improve Your Body Confidence

4 Ways to Improve Your Body Confidence| HealthSoul

Everyone has those mornings when we get out of bed, look at ourselves in the mirror, and don’t like what we see. You might be having a bad hair day, you might be feeling a little bloated or you might have just had a bad night’s sleep. You can reassure yourself that tomorrow will be a better day. However, if you often feel this way, you might need to work on your confidence. Here are four ways to improve your body confidence.

Be Kind to Yourself

You do not look like a supermodel. They have been madeup by the best makeup artists in the business and their pictures have been doctored in the editing suite. You have no way of knowing what they looked like when they got out of bed that morning so stop comparing yourself unfavorably. Give yourself time in the mornings to practice some positive affirmations and you will soon see a dramatic improvement in your body confidence.


Exercise produces endorphins that will help you to feel good about yourself. It gets the blood pumping around your body and improves your circulation so your skin will look healthier. Exercise will help you to tone up your muscles so even if you don’t lose weight, you will still lose inches off your body, which will make your clothes feel better and look better on you. It is even possible to put on weight by lifting a lot of weights and go down a size or two in clothes.


Dress for your body shape rather than trying to wear the latest fashions all the time. Fashionable clothing tends to be made for young coltish figures, and if this style doesn’t suit you don’t beat yourself up about it. Hopefully, there will be parts of yourself that you do like so dress to emphasize these and cover the bits of yourself you don’t like.

One way a lot of people go wrong is trying to wear the latest colors. If they don’t suit your skin tone, they can make you look washed out and unhealthy. Go shopping with a friend and decide what colors look good on you. You may be an autumn-toned person, most suited to brown and burgundy, a winter-toned person, who looks great in white and ice blue, a spring complexion, who looks great in green or have summer tones that look great in bright colors such as yellow and orange. Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t feel comfortable in the latest fashion must-have. It will be out of date by next season anyway.

Cosmetic Surgery

If there is one part of your body that you really hate, you could consider getting surgery. For example, an Egozi Nose Job could give you the type of nose you had always dreamed about. Consider your options carefully before going ahead.These are four ways that you could improve your body confidence. Improve your self-confidence and you can do anything else you set your mind to.