4 Things You Should Avoid In Your Weight Loss Journey

4 Things You Should Avoid In Your Weight Loss Journey | HealthSoul

The emphasis placed on the physical looks of a woman is heavy. The weight of criticism and judgment pervades society. Everyone has an opinion on whether a female is too big, too small, not big enough, and not small enough. There is really no pleasing people which is exactly why if you are undertaking a weight loss journey, you should be doing it for yourself. There are some pitfalls you may unwittingly fall into. Keep reading for the heads up.

Comparing Your Progress To Others

Everybody is different. You would have heard this stated many times. But in every day-to-day life, it is easy to catch yourself comparing body parts. Her legs are longer and more shapely than mine. Her hair is so lovely and smooth, not like my dry and frizzy mane. She’s been working out only two days a week yet she has lost more weight than me with my five-day consistent exercising. Stop! There’s enough negativity in the world, don’t heap more onto yourself.

Though you cannot help but observe the progress of others, especially if you use a public gym, don’t take it personally. You never know, that person you keep eyeing might be taking phenq supplements unbeknownst to you and getting additional fat-burning nutrients that improve mood and curb the appetite. They’re getting an extra boost that you incorrectly attribute to solely exercising. Instead of silently judging yourself, why not approach someone whose work ethic you admire and ask what their secret is? You stand to benefit greatly from the inside information.

Cutting Down On Sleep

It’s only logical that I should take less time for sleep and more time for training if I want to be successful in losing weight, right? Wrong. You will be surprised to know that research has found links between insufficient sleep and slow metabolism which leads to weight gain. On top of this, studies are on the cusp of proving that a lack of sleep alters the signals sent by the neurotransmitters ghrelin and lectin. Ghrelin signals your hunger while leptin lets you know when you’re full. In men who do not get the required eight hours of sleep, these signals get confused and as such, they end up eating more and being able to identify less so when they’re full. So the cycle repeats.

From another angle, sleeping less leaves you with less energy to put into exercising. If your undertaking sets and reps with heavy equipment like dumbbells, you could be putting yourself and others at additional risk of injury. As if to be the cherry on top, well-established research states that dieters who lose sleep are inclined to eat more and lose less weight. No matter which way you turn, it is a bad idea to let sleep suffer.

Glancing At The Scale As Much As You Glance At Your Phone

The temptation is real. At every interval, you want to check and see whether your weight has decreased. You just put in a solid workout so for sure, the numbers should go down. Before you know it, once a day turns into twice and trice a day stepping on the scale. Why limit your journey to the numbers on the scale? Yes, you want to see a dramatic reduction, but just because you don’t that does not mean you’ve failed. You have decided to make a positive change in your life toward better health. You’ve already won.

Refrain from turning the scale into your enemy. Celebrate your motivation, and commitment instead. With less focus on that singular outcome, you will be much better off.

Avoid Snacking

This should be a no-brainer. But what might not be so obvious is that even the foods you consider healthy may not be ideal if weight loss is the goal. Sugar-free products may be utilizing other sweeteners even more dangerous than sugar, multigrain bread is not necessarily whole wheat and so could be adding empty calories, fiber-rich foods deliver a large amount of fiber at once which doesn’t keep you full throughout the day but may result in an upset stomach instead. Fruits are great but if you’re eating lots of mangoes and grapes, both high in sugar, you’re doing yourself a disservice.

Did that information just implode your mind? The ins and outs of weight loss are very many and quite intricate. Please don’t let this deter you. Take more time to research the best foods to help you. Put the scale away. Get a good night’s sleep and Do Not compare your journey to another’s.