4 Technological Advancements Health Institutions Should Take Advantage Of

4 Technological Advancements Health Institutions Should Take Advantage Of| HealthSoul

It is safe to say that technology is continuously evolving and enhancing every single day and the latest developments are positively impacting various aspects of our lives. By virtue of technology, these days we can easily purchase anything our heart desires online, effectively communicate with people we love, execute various tasks at work, etc.

Another industry that has been affected by technology is the healthcare industry. Breakthroughs in information collecting, numerous treatments, research, and many other things have given physicians brand-new tools to work with and simplified many processes.

This industry wouldn’t be where it is today without a variety of different technological advancements. That’s precisely why we decided to put together a list of advancements that could be extremely beneficial for health institutions.

Top Technological Innovations That Healthcare Industry Could Benefit From

Social Media

Even though this may not seem as relevant as many other innovations, social media can actually be of great help to many doctors, public clinics, and research facilities that can use social media tools to reach as many people as possible.

Healthcare facilities, especially hospitals should rely on social media platforms to enhance relationships with patients, answer important questions regarding practices, and perform community outreach.

Both healthcare providers and nurses can use chats that can be found on these platforms to communicate with their patients and discuss numerous medical problems, and also remind people to have regular check-ups and vaccines.

Making Use Of IT Services

Many experts will tell you that precisely technology has enhanced the scope, quality, and delivery of patient care. It has transformed how patients expect to be treated by healthcare providers and health institutions in general.

Is there any technological solution that is going to help healthcare institutions decrease expenses and meet challenging project deadlines? Yes, there is and we’re talking about managed IT services that were created to help every healthcare organization maintain stable internet and data communications, share sensitive info safely, integrate cloud-based technologies effortlessly, extend their data center, and many other things. These are all the things that can significantly enhance the efficiency of processes in any healthcare institution.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Thanks to RPM (Remote Patient Monitoring), doctors can gather all important information about their patients without being near them. There are so many amazing benefits of RPM, such as effective and quick response time, improved patient outcomes, major cost reductions, etc.

In the last two years (due to the Covid-19 pandemic) different forms of Remote Patient Monitoring were approved for use, which made this innovation even more popular. One of the biggest medical software providers in the world, Prevounce, announced recently that two years ago, more than twenty million patients have employed some form of RPM.

Some of the most common forms of monitoring are weight, blood pressure, blood sugar, and heart rate. Patients can get instant results without going to the lab and later on, they can notify their physician about the outcome.

Artificial Intelligence VS Covid-19

Unfortunately, the whole world was forced to deal with Covid-19 and it has made a serious impact on the entire society, however, with the help of some of the most fascinating technological advancements we were able to stay ahead of the curve.

Namely, one of the biggest companies in Canada, was in fact, able to predict the pandemic. What’s interesting is the fact that their application called BlueDot can scan more than 100,000 media sources in over sixty different languages and can reveal serious outbreaks practically in real-time.

Besides that, huge progress has been made in the development of vaccines. Namely, with the help of machine learning, scientists were able to identify protein fragments, which is why the vaccines for coronavirus were made so fast.

Another huge technological innovation that must be mentioned is Artificial Intelligence. It can be beneficial in breaking down crowd temperature data. Additionally, this makes thermal screening a much more practical solution for uncovering potentially symptomatic people.

Besides that, with the help of AI-powered facial recognition, people can easily identify individuals even when they’re wearing a face mask. More importantly, it can detect if the person is wearing a mask in regions where it’s mandatory.

Now, people who have Covid-19 can rely on artificial intelligence and CT scans to determine whether a person has pneumonia or not. Moreover, Microsoft created Project InnerEye, which represents a radiotherapy AI tool that can dramatically accelerate the process of 3D contouring of an individual.

As you can see, there are so many spectacular technological inventions that are enhancing the healthcare industry in many ways and driving it towards some of the biggest transformations. With their help, any healthcare institution can thrive.