4 Reasons to Swap Butter With Ghee

4 Reasons to Swap Butter With Ghee | HealthSoul

Ghee has become a popular superfood since the boom in both the paleo and keto diet. Many people are starting to choose ghee over butter for a variety of reasons. We’re breaking down four reasons to swap butter with ghee, and how to get this health food into your diet.

What is Ghee?

First, let’s talk about what ghee is. Ghee is commonly referred to as clarified butter, but ghee is cooked even further, to the point of caramelization. Ghee is cooked to the point where the milk solids are removed, leaving less lactose than traditional butter.

4 Reasons to Swap Butter With Ghee

#1 Less Lactose: Since the milk solids are removed, ghee does not contain as much lactose as butter. This is why many people who may be lactose intolerant may do ok with ghee. However, keep in mind that if you have a dairy allergy, or are highly sensitive to lactose, ghee may still not work for you.

#2 Ghee May Benefit Gut Health: Ghee is also rich in butyric acid, which has been known to help support the gut by reducing gut mucosal inflammation. This is one big reason to consider choosing ghee vs. butter, since supporting gut health is a key part of supporting better overall health.

#3 High Smoke Point: Ghee also makes a great cooking fat, since it has a higher smoke point than butter. Ghee has a smoke point of 485 degrees F, where butter only has a smoke point of 200-250 degrees F. For this reason, choosing ghee over butter for higher heat cooking can be a great way to avoid your cooking fat from oxidizing in the pan and exposing yourself to harmful free radicals.

#4 Great Source of Healthy Fat: Ghee is rich in dietary fat, and the body needs fat for overall health, not to mention the fact that we need fat to support brain health. The brain is nearly 60% fat, so we need to be adding adequate healthy fat sources to support brain function. Ghee makes a great option as it comes with a number of health benefits, is generally better tolerated than traditional butter, and can be easily added to various foods in your diet.

4 Reasons to swap Butter with Ghee | HealthSoul

How to Enjoy Ghee

Ready to swap butter with ghee? You can pretty much use ghee any way you would use butter, and to help get you started, we’re sharing a handful of ways you can get this healthy fat into your diet.

  • Use as your primary cooking fat.
  • Melt and drizzle over vegetables.
  • Use in place of butter in your favorite baking recipes.
  • Add to your morning cup of coffee.
  • Spread over a piece of gluten-free toast.

And, here’s one additional tip. It’s important to keep quality in mind when choosing which ghee you add to your diet. Opt for organic and grass-fed, if possible. Choosing a quality jar of ghee is important to avoid consuming a product from cows that were given hormones and antibiotics. So, choose organic and grass-fed whenever possible.