4 Healthy Ways To Cook Food You Should Apply In Your Kitchen

4 Healthy Ways To Cook Food You Should Apply In Your Kitchen| HealthSoul

There are a handful of ways to cook juicy and tasty dishes without adding unhealthy additives. Most people follow basic rules such as removing the fryer from use but forget about cooking methods and how they affect the nutritional value of food.

High cooking temperatures can destroy between 15 and 20 percent of vitamins during cooking, especially vitamin C, folate, and iron. Some ways are more destructive than others, but the fact is that raw food has reached its maximum these days because most doctors agree that it is the only way to keep all the necessary vitamins in food.

In the text below, you can find out which are the healthiest methods of food preparation you should apply in your kitchen, whether you want to lose weight or just want to improve your habits.


Poaching is a technique that has taken off in modern times and comes from the French language. Poaching is the process of cooking food in water (or some other liquid) at a temperature of 70 to 80 degrees Celsius, and the temperature should never reach the boiling point. It is recommended that this technique be used for fish, vegetables, fruits, and eggs, and the biggest benefit is that this way the taste of the food is preserved, as well as its texture.

There are two ways of poaching. The first involves letting the water boil and adding spices to it, and then adding the food that will stay in the water for 15 to 20 minutes while removing the pot from the heat. The second method is a bit more complicated, and it means cooking food constantly at a uniform temperature of 80 degrees Celsius.

In modern times, physical activity, a sufficient number of hours of sleep, as well as carefully selected food, are prerequisites for a better quality of life. Organic food is very important, so if you have a garden, you can try to grow some vegetables in it and even add an outdoor kitchen and enjoy preparing your healthy food in it. There are various models of them, as well as various pricing costs, but no matter the price, it will pay off, because nothing can surpass the peace nature provides. The fact is that an increasing number of articles and tips are published every day that talk about organic fruits and vegetables in our area. The advice is not to burden yourself with food, but to stick to some of the methods listed in the text and pay attention to the freshness of the food.

Steam Cooking

The main difference between this and ordinary cooking is that it is not cooked directly on the fire, but is cooked using boiling water in which the vessel is located. Although it seems simple, it can be difficult to dose the water, and the method of heating varies according to the desired goal.

The main rule is that the container containing the mixture to be cooked must not be immersed in water but should only touch the water below. It is recommended to prepare fillings and sauces with steam. Also, some types of fish, fruits, and vegetables are ideal for steaming. It is recommended to use bowls with rounded edges, as this allows you to reach every point of the bowl while mixing.


Grilling is the best option if you want to get the maximum nutritional value without changing the realm of taste. It requires a minimum of additives in the form of fat, and you get a specific taste of grilled or smoked food.

The downside is that storing at high temperatures alone can increase the risk of various diseases. It is ideal to establish a balance so that even when you use the grill, you consume food that does not require too much preparation time.

Raw Food

An increasing number of studies support this type of diet, which deserves great attention around the world. The essential reason is to reduce the risk of cancer. The main benefit of raw food is that it contains all the vitamins, minerals, and fiber without the added sugars and fats that occur during cooking. Although this rule applies to most fruits and vegetables, some foods are desirable to cook because only then do they release antioxidants, as is the case with carrots, spinach, and tomatoes.

Poaching, steam cooking, grilling, and eating raw food are the 4 healthiest methods for preparing delicious meals, but remember that each food has its own secret to how it retains the most vitamins, fiber, and other useful properties.